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Bogdan Ilinsky

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
2 days 2 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 28 years
registered for 3 months 2 days
  • Unity3D
  • gamedev
  • game design
  • Mobile games
  • ASP.NET Core
  • c# .net developer


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Gaming applications

Language Proficiency Level

English English: upper-intermediate



  • The Happy Clinic

    Gaming applications
    Working in the company.
    He has been an architect and technical led on the project for two years: from the prototype to the pre-release wall. He worked closely with a gaming designer, technical designer and animator. He developed the client part and integrated the game economy with the server part.
  • Game Design

    Gaming applications
    Exercises in the company.
    He worked on various tasks for the game in the RPG genre:
    Formatting and filling in the balance sheet,
    - Placement of NIPs on levels,
    Expand the existing balance of objects to a new location.

    The practice passed successfully, but for its own reasons it had to return to the role of the developer.
  • Card Game

    Gaming applications
    A card duel game.
    My first experience of developing a full-time backend from scratch. ASP Net Core MVC was taken as the basis, so it managed the client and server to use the same card effect calculation code. But without sufficient experience with the framework, it was difficult to make an adequate structure.
    The customer part was the Unity WebGL.

    Overall, the steak was selected unfortunately and Unity, and ASP were too big for such a task. If I did this now, I would use Lua for the logic code of the cards and NodeJS as a server. And for the customer it would be easier to choose and study JS framework or take Flutter.
  • Pack of Mobile Games

    Gaming applications
    Working in the company.
    Updated the API for four releasing contractor projects. The Unity version was in the process, with a follow-up fixation of compatibility problems.
  • The Crossplatform Shooter

    Working in the team. He was a team leader in the project.
    Added/upplemented the networks to the existing shooter’s console ports, supporting the new generation of consoles (PS5, XBox). All ports were part of one git project, since the project received regular content updates, so the work was complicated by supporting the quality separation of the platform-dependent code from the platform-dependent.
  • The Happy Clinic (old)

    Gaming applications
    Working in the company. A year as the only designer.
    Delivery from beta for PC to release on three platforms: PC, Android and iOS. Integration with mobile API for payments.


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