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Oleksandr Vasyliev

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Outsourcing & consulting


  • 1532 USD

    Search promotion in Google (SEO) for car rental in Ukraine

    Search engine optimization
    A new website of the car rental company in Ukraine has been launched. Launch in March 2021. Three months later, in June 2021, there were 1044 searches. In 3 months, in September 2021 - 1866 transitions. During the promotion of the site, the company received 180 applications through the form on the site and more than 250 calls.
  • 1149 USD

    Search Promotion in Google (SEO) for a craft company

    Search engine optimization
    A client came with a request to create a website for future promotion in Google. I created a website with my contractor. The customer didn’t rush, the work was not constant, with interruptions, in connection with which the result was not systemic.

    Launch in December 2020. Three months later, in February 2021, there were 395 searches. 8 months later, in November 2021 - 624 events. During the promotion of the site, the company received from the search 37 applications through the form on the site and more than 50 calls.

    For December-November 2021 positions significantly increased, thanks to the posting of articles with links to authoritative thematic sites; Currently in TOP 10 - 43 frequency requests; TOP 11-30 - 93 frequency requests; further growth of positions is expected.
  • 2042 USD

    SEO + Google Shopping for online jewellery store

    Online stores and e-commerce
    Customer from Freelancehunt. It comes with a request - Website optimization and promotion. Work began in March 2021. You can see all the main indicators in the screen picture table. In 9 months of work, the number of orders increased from 20 to 70 to 3.5 times. Monthly revenue increased from 17,000 UAH to 32,000 UAH by 70%.

    In addition to the conduct of work on technical and semantic SEO optimization, a large number of work has been carried out on the site to improve the usability, the convenience of the product selection and as a result - user indicators. New convenient megamine, updated product card, expanded filters in category, filling information of goods and much more.

    All the work done on the site gave the result, the users became more comfortable, they often find favourite products. Because of what:
    The site grows organically
    2) Increased conversion, resulting in more sales
  • 766 USD

    [Case] Sales for Machine Sweating Services

    Online stores and e-commerce
    The description:
    The customer came with an offer to work for 15% of the sales. Before that, he tried to create a website for 1.5 years, spent about 15 thousand UAH and did not receive a single order.

    Work under contract. All the work on the website development and the setting of contextual advertising was done for free. The customer only needs a budget for advertising.

    In three months of work, the customer received orders of 121.8 thousand UAH with advertising costs of 10.3 thousand UAH.

    The tasks:
    the lead generation;

    The barriers:
    There is no website;
    a small budget for advertising;
    No portfolio.

    The Solutions:
    Landing Page on the Tilda platform.
    - launch of Google context advertising with a bonus of 1500 UAH;
  • 1021 USD

    [Case] SEO for Home Textiles

    Online stores and e-commerce
    The tasks:
    increased visibility;
    Increased sales;
    The top of the Google search network for bed clothes

    The barriers:
    The new online store - no trust from Google;
    - small range - it is difficult to compete with TOPS;
    - Unknown brand - 2019 year of foundation;
    - WordPress site management system required improvement of functionality: multi-language and filters for the WooCommerce online marketing plugin, brands and synchronization of all of these data with the SEO optimization plugin;

    The plus:
    Good quality products at an affordable price;

    The Solutions:
    collection and analysis of the semantic core;
    Developing a unique site structure;
    - Individualization of the product card of bedset;
    Transfer to the OpenCart management system;
    Content marketing - publication of articles about the new Ukrainian brand of domestic textiles on authoritative resources;
    Promotion by categories;
    Management and promotion of social networks;
    Leading to the site from social networks;

    The Results:
    Google search increases by 587%
    - increased orders from search engines from 5,000 to 60,000 SEK per month
  • 894 USD

    [SEO/Sales] Promotion of the online store on the Prom system

    Online stores and e-commerce
    The tasks:
    increased visibility;
    Increased sales;
    - the conclusion in the #TOP of the Google search network on the carnism;

    The barriers:
    The site works on the #Prom.ua system - limited functionality;
    All content on the site is unusual.
    There are no filters;
    Added goods;
    Unfilled categories;

    The plus:
    3 years old online shop (the age of the domain);

    The Solutions:
    Manual optimization of all categories;
    Auto filling metaphor for goods;
    filling categories with unique texts;
    - work on the goods - re-rating descriptions, adding photos and the necessary for
    Customer information;
    The advancement of article;
    Social networking of Instagram and Facebook;
    The ProSale (Prom) setting

    The Results:
    Monthly increase in geometric progress from the first months of work;
    increased visitability by 248%;
    Increase in the amount of orders through the basket by 344%
    The number of orders increased by 281%.
    - increase to show the number by 284%
    The increase calls me by 114%

    - the amount of orders from search systems through the basket for 2020 - 130,3 thousand UAH
    - the amount of orders from search systems through the basket for 2019 - 29.3 thousand UAH

    - the amount of orders through the root from prom.ua for 2020 - 101.7 thousand UAH
    - the amount of orders through the corner from prom.ua for 2019 - 34,2 thousand UAH
  • 600 USD

    Promotion of the online store on the Prom.ua platform

    Search engine optimization
    Description of the project:
    The online store of carnis and tissues for curtains. A wide range. Services for selection, measurement and installation in the city of Kiev and the region. A wide range of products.

    The problem:
    Low visibility of the site, lack of orders from the search engines.

    The tasks:
    1 . Improving the indexing of the site by a search engine.
    2nd Increase the visibility of the site on key requests.
    Three Increased visibility of the site.
    4 . Increased sales.

    The Solutions:
    1 . Correction of the site structure.
    2nd Technical optimization of the site according to the search engine requirements.
    Three Optimization of content.
    4 . Managing the blog.
    and 5. Implementation of analytical systems.
    6 . linked advancement.
  • 1400 USD

    Development and SEO optimization of the online store

    Online stores and e-commerce
    The tasks:
    improving the indexation of the site by a search engine;
    increased visibility of the site on key requests;
    increased visibility of the site from search engines;
    increase in orders;

    The barriers:
    - the site management system required improvement of functionality: the setting of multi-language and filters for the WooCommerce online marketing plugin, as well as synchronization with the SEO optimization plugin;
    Less known brands.
    high competition;

    The plus:
    - unique photos and video products;

    The Solutions:
    Developing an effective site structure;
    - acquiring the necessary plugins to eliminate technical shortcomings;
    Connecting up-to-date for Google and Yandex SEO settings;
    Content marketing: blogging, posting articles about brands on resources where the target audience lives;
    Reference to promotion;

    Details of work:

    The structure.A unique structure of the site has been developed, which takes into account the nuances for a convenient selection of the clock, as well as all the requirements of the search engines.and functional.Plugins have been acquired and integrated, solving technical failures of functionality.SEO optimization .Technical optimization - setting the site according to the requirements of the search engines.Internal optimization of the site for both the search engine and the user.Optimization of content.Analysis of commercial factors.Search for advancement.Setup of analytics.Placing useful articles on thematic sites.Link promotion through reviews sites, promotional codes generators, guidelines.The content.Managing the blog.Create the FAQ section.Regular publication of content.Use of unique photos and videos.The social networks.Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.
  • 200 USD

    Development of structure and information architecture

    Online stores and e-commerce
    The online store of elite dishes. More than 30 categories and 50,000 goods.

    The task was to design the structure of the pages (head, category, product card, etc.) for further transfer of the project to developers; and also to build the correct insert of categories for further search promotion.

    After some directions, the current structure was approved. It was developed from zero:
    + product card and miniature
    + Vertical Megamine with Product Catalog
    + Commodity blocks for the main
    + Blogs
    Information pages (Delivery and Payment, Guarantees)
    + the basket
    + Searching
    Filters of products for categories

    In addition, the correct insert of the pages and the scheme of further linking were built.
  • 250 USD

    Collection of semantic nucleus

    Search engine optimization
    The task was set to collect a semantic core for the online store of cheap hours in Ukraine.

    About 20,000 keywords were collected for 13 categories.
    All keywords were distributed by categories and distributed into clusters.

    The completion of this work took 5 working days.
  • 80 USD

    Landing for Mobile Users

    Online stores and e-commerce
    Landing for Mobile Users — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Online stores and e-commerce
    The customer needed a landing page offering the purchase of a "smart" suitcase under mobile traffic.

    The task was done successfully and in time. The customer is pleased, the site works and gives a conversion of 3-5%.
  • 7 USD

    Landing for Fruit Startup

    Website development
    The task was to develop a landing page for a young fruit-based startup, and to develop a advertising company and to set up Google Ads contextual advertising.

    All tasks have been successfully accomplished. The customer is satisfied. The site receives from 5 applications daily (in working periods). An analytics was also set, where the customer is available all the cost of the advertising company and the main metric results.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 5

13 December 2023 26 USD
Placing a store on Google Maps


Очень благодарен! Проблему решили в кротчайшие сроки

11 May 2023 13 USD
I can't confirm my personal data in Google Payments


Alexander advised and developed an action plan to confirm the page and pass the verification. During the communication with support, Google gave recommendations and what to answer was in contact. As a result, everything was successfully confirmed. I highly recommend.

30 December 2022 26 USD
Consultation on donation collection


Thank you for the fast and professional approach to the project We will collaborate

28 December 2022 26 USD
The site came out of the issue on the main key


Thanks for detailed consultation.

10 February 2022 128 USD
Создание сайта на Tilda и запуск контекстной рекламы


I’m a very complex and demanding customer and I’m happy with the work of Alexander on the site.
The deadlines and results at the exit, I’m completely satisfied.
Before the launch of RK in Google ADS on this task we will also collaborate with Alexander.
I recommend cooperation as a responsible executive who fits the task of business as a marketer.

Dmitry Ranetsky | Personal


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