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Viktor Kryvonozhko

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Ukraine Ukraine
17 days 2 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 23 years
registered for 4 months 8 days


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  • Case: The Beauty Salon

    The collaboration lasted more than a year. During this period, they made a very good growth of subscribers.
    They developed actions, awarded advantages, provided a guide to conducting an Instagram

    About the project
    The collaboration lasted more than a year. During this period, they made a very good growth of subscribers.

    They developed actions, distinguished advantages, gave a guide to conducting an Instagram.
    According to the conclusions:
    Started Advertising
    Tested different approaches and geolocation
    Create photo and video creativity

    Established goals:
    Getting a Auditor
    Increase the sales
    Fill a page with content

    What was done:
    Audit of previous advertising campaigns
    About 15 creatives and offshore people protested and found work links
    Expand geography of targeting
    They have demonstrated different advertising targets and identified the most effective.
    They protested and optimized the audience that purchases services and not just passes to the profile.

    The result:
    Closed the question of attracting customers to services
  • Case: Georgian Sweaters is Sweat

    Social media advertising
    The goal was to get the order price up to $2.Previously there was advertising, but the customer wanted to scale and didn’t know how to do it correctly

    The client came with two sites.There was advertising before, but the customer wanted to scale and didn’t know how to do it right.He had to get the order price up to $2.Tested 2 sites, gave editing on Instagram, how it is correctly conducted, how to repack a hat that should be fixed.Production in the Kiev region, delivery throughout Ukraine.of specialties.Few people know what it is for sweetness, so we made video creations in which it was told what it was, people on the video cushed sweetness and imagined what it was.Established goals:
    More orders, from 30 orders per day
    Order price up to $2

    What was done:
    Analysis to track sales.
    Treated a target audience
    A group of target audiences that are best suited.
    They tried a wide and similar audience who had already purchased the product.
    Tested different creations.
    Tested various advertising texts.
    Connecting to retargeting
    Advertising target, sales by catalogue
    Make video creatives with dispacking, look at, make photo creatives
    Tested different formats.Those who worked, we left them, and the most expensive were laid out.

    The result:
    We turned the ad on the site and the applications were about $3 (meth about $2)

    But when the budget was scaled, the price of the application increased significantly.We were asked to scale and keep the price of the application.It came out of us.
  • Case: The Great Offline Store

    Contextual advertising
    About the project
    A large off-line store turned up with the task of launching advertising on their goods. Customers were not interested in this through advertising.

    What was done:
    Recommendations for Increasing Website Conversion
    Create a FID of Goods
    Created a Merchandise Center
    Starting search and trading campaigns

    The result:
    received 484 applications for 131 UAH
    They protested various rks, left only effective.
  • Case: Selling of cottage

    Contextual advertising
    When the customer addressed us, the task was to increase the number of leads and provide the display of advertisements in certain regions to the required audience, while not exceeding the KPI by application price and quality of leads.

    What was done:
    Media companies launched.
    They made the banner.
    They made a selection from several different audiences.

    The result:
    Cost of application 45 UAH
    It has received 7457 ice.
    The cottage was all sold.


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