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Viktoriia Halata

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Ukraine Poltava, Ukraine
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Social media advertising
5 projects
Contextual advertising
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Русский Русский: fluent
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  • WEB agency | 237 UAH lead price with a check of 600$+

    Contextual advertising
    Client - Ukrainian web agency, full cycle. Engaged in the development of websites of various complexity turnkey and also promoting businesses through online advertising.

    Type of advertising campaign - search advertising Google Ads.

    The niche is competitive, the budget for advertising was small, but I still managed to show results!
    Results for 2 weeks of advertising work:

    Expenses: 4,699.95 UAH
    Cost per lead: 237 UAH and this is considering services costing from $600+
  • Increased ROAS from 176% to 442% on Google Ads

    Contextual advertising

    First of all, I realized that I will not launch a shopping campaign: Google Merchant Center is limited to adult advertising.Therefore, the main attention was paid to the search.She carried out an audit of the account, looked at what advertising campaigns have already worked, and what campaigns are missing.Choose this strategy of promotion:

    Searching for brand.The customer company is relatively recently on the market, but it works very well on its brand.Therefore, we get the most conversions on brand keys with lower costs (compared with other campaigns).Branding model search.She has set up campaigns to the priority brands Svakom, Satisfyer, Tenga and Pjur.The advantage of such campaigns is that the potential buyer already knows exactly what brand or model he wants: thus he is closer to the wing of sales to making a purchase.General categories of search.Campaigns on vibrators, lubricants, anal stimulators, masturbators.Searching for competitors.There are large competitors on the market, a portion of hot traffic which I have taken away.Tactics: Advertising Cabinet Optimization

    After defining the strategy and launching the campaigns, we went to the next stage: improvement.Reduction of search requests
    Changes in the Strategy of Interest

    Restriction of campaigns
    1 problem: moderately limited ads
    2 Problems: Rejected Advertisements

    He performed various tests for four campaigns:
    - In the search for "adult store" changed the link from the page /catalog/ to /seks-igrushki/;
    - In the search brand changed the review from the page /catalog/ to /#test.- In the search for competitors re-send the ad to moderation, by changing the URL for a few minutes to /smazky-sprei-ta-kremy/ and returning the URL again to the main;
    - In the media remarketing again appealed on the rejection of the ads.Of course, nothing of the above has.The conclusion: if at least once the advertisement has acquired the status of “Generability Regulation”, it will no longer be removed (except global changes on the site).This status "appropriates" the advertisement, it is rejected and no changes help.She went through another fifth test: copies of the old ads were made, and the old ads themselves were removed.This is necessary to make the advertisements in the campaign acquire new IDs, Google started checking them from scratch.Bingo, it worked!The ads became “clean” for Google.From now on, I’m constantly monitoring the status of all the ads and if I find the rejected or with the status of “Generability Regulation”.Three issues: the prohibition of media campaigns


    For all e-commerce customers, I first pay attention to the average ROAS per office.The customer also has e-commerce, but we take into account the specificities of the field.In the office only search campaigns are set, which are not stuck on direct sales through the basket, some of the orders are made by phone, some - through the basket on the site.Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the price for the CPL conversion.The average actual ROAS for the last four calendar months by office is around 400% on average: the brand campaign works best.
  • Лидогенерация для юридических услуг в США | Meta Ads

    Social media advertising
    Данные и цель:

    ГЕО: US;
    Тип бизнеса: Юридические услуги;
    LEADS: ≈165 per/month;
    Ads CTR: < 1%;
    Cost Per LEAD: $64,32;
    Платформа: Facebook/Instagram


    LEADS: >300 per/month;
    Cost Per LEAD: 2%


    В ходе проекта я столкнулась с вызовами, связанными с высокой конкуренцией в сфере юридических услуг. Требования к рекламе в данной отрасли также имели ограничения. Однако, с фокусом на креативность и внимательному подходу к контенту, позволило мне успешно реализовать стратегию лидогенерации.

    - Конкурентная Среда: В условиях большой конкуренции в сфере рекламы юридических услуг в США, выделяться становится крайне сложным и важным. Я уделяю особое внимание разработке творческих концепций, которые не только выделяют нашу рекламу на фоне конкурентов, но и удерживают внимание потребителей.
    - Регулирование Рекламы Юридических Услуг: Ограничения в рекламе юридических услуг в США требовало особого внимания к созданию рекламных материалов и формулировкам. Я тщательно изучаю и соблюдаю все правила и нормы, гарантируя, что мои рекламные сообщения не только привлекут внимание, но и соответствуют местному законодательству.

    Итоги и результат:

    Работа над проектом подтвердила, что тщательный анализ аудитории, ее сегментирование и креативный подход, являются ключевыми элементами успешной кампании по привлечению клиентов в сфере юридических услуг. Несмотря на сложности, я смогла преодолеть препятствия, достигнуть поставленных KPI в установленные сроки.

    Результаты в цифрах:

    LEADS: 355 per/month;
    Cost Per LEAD: $26,21;

    Основными факторами, которые позволили нам добиться успеха, были:

    - Тщательное исследование целевой аудитории. Я понимаю, кто наша целевая аудитория и какие у нее потребности. Это позволило мне создать рекламные креативы, которые были релевантны и интересны потенциальным клиентам.
    - Эффективный таргетинг. Я настроила таргетинг рекламных объявлений на целевую аудиторию, что позволило мне показывать их людям, которые действительно заинтересованы в услугах клиента.
    - Ретаргетинг. Благодаря запуску кампаний по повторному вовлечению и удержанию клиентов мне удалось вернуть до 7% потенциальных клиентов и снизить стоимость лида (CPL) в более чем 2 раза.

    По итогу работы, было принято решение увеличить бюджет и провести масштабирование рекламных кампаний, а также сосредоточится на других направлениях бизнеса клиента.
    Ads CTR: 4,82%
  • ROAS x4 in niche e-commerce

    Social media advertising
    Results in numbers:

    Advertising costs: $7 960,27;
    The total value of purchases on the site: $34 973,75;
    Roas is 4.31.

    The resulted ROAS is 4.31, four times higher than the initial value of 1.05. The budget spent $7,960,27 less than $8,000, which fully matched the assigned task. This means the performance of the tasks at 100%. The results confirm the success of the implemented strategy.

    The introduction of a customer retention system (retention - campaigns) and a well-established structure, allowed to increase the average recovery value of advertising funds by more than 4 times. And also a pleasant bonus, get additional sales.

    As a result of the work, the decision was made to increase the budget to $16,000 a month and to scale the advertising campaigns.

    Full case: https://breezy-hearing-102.notion.site/7e34318c43b142d48cb2c4047f4193f5?pvs=4
  • Performance Max | Google | ROAS - 2 961,83 % | Свар. апарати

    Contextual advertising
    О проекте:
    Интернет-магазин электро/ручного инструмента, сварочных аппаратов.

    Получение заказов по всему ассортименту. Увеличение заказов с брендов-приоритетов.

    Что было мною сделано:
    - Создание учетной записи/настройка Google Analytics.
    - Создание учетной записи/настройка Merchant/Center.
    - Создание учетной записи/настройки Google ads.
    - Создание общей товарной компании на товары с ценой от 400 грн.
    - Переход к Performance Max.
    - Работали со стратегиями - сегментация некликабельных товаров.
    - Еженедельная оптимизация аккаунта, цены клика.
    - Работа со сливными товарами.
    - Рекомендации по проработке описания товарных позиций и вида карточки товара.
    - Изменение стратегии на сегментацию по 5 брендам электроинструмента.

    Число пользователей - 54 611
    Цена клика - 1,12 грн.
    Стоимость - 97 944,94 грн.
    Транзакции - 1401 шт.
    Доход - 2 900 964,36 грн.
    ROAS - 2 961,83 %
  • Advertisement for the recruitment agency 839 leads

    Lead generation and sales
    The site was not prepared to accept traffic, so I decided to launch a lead-form campaign. The advertisement was launched in the cities in Poland where vacancies were opened. This allowed me to attract workers who didn’t need to change their place of residence.

    Results: 833$ invested, 839 leads received

    Link to the case: http://surl.li/rogvu

    #Facebook #Lydy
  • Certificate of Google Context Advertising

    Contextual advertising
    A certificate that confirms that I have successfully passed the exam and proven, and have the skills to create and conduct advertising campaigns in the context-media network of Google Advertising.
  • Certificate from Google to YouTube and Google Video Advertising

    Contextual advertising
    A certificate confirming that I have successfully passed the exam and proven and have the skills to create and conduct advertising video campaigns on Google Video and YouTube.
  • Telegram channel 7528

    Lead generation and sales
    There is almost no organic growth in Telegram.This is the case with niche, specific topics.When we started collaborating with the customer telegram channel, they had 2,5 thousand rotated subscribers and a strong content base, but a very small percentage of subscribers’ involvement.This picture is quite standard for this topic.#Telegram #Meta #Facebook #AdvertisingTelegram #Subscribers #Advertising

    The news agency – successfully works on the market of one region and the region of Ukraine.The main advantage is that they are distinguished on the Ukrainian market with unique information supply, its exclusiveness, diversity and rapidity, as well as the reliability of sources.To form and expand your audience and promote your agency on the Ukrainian market.When the question was about active promotion, the partners contacted me)

    Goals of Promotion:
    receiving at least 1,500 subscribers per month;
    - average price of one subscriber - up to $1

    Open or closed channels?After the test, we saw that most people were more interesting to sign up for a closed channel and then get acquainted with it than to go to the open and sign up.We tested each of the approaches and conducted the channel advertising first with an open link and then with a closed link.The difference was significant: from the average value of $1.34 we lowered the price for one subscriber to $0.10.Translated by DeepL.com (free version)
  • Real Estate Income $3.8 million Investing $16,535

    Lead generation and sales
    Purposes of the customer:

    1st Selling all the property the customer owned.
    2nd Invest $20,000 in the advertising budget
    03 . Following the KPI provided

    - Revenue from advertising - more than $3,800,000 (I was the only contractor on traffic. The total income is the result of the money invested from FB)
    Effectively scaled Facebook’s advertising budget from $100/day to $300/day
    The amount of advertising costs amounted to $16,535
  • 2424 LIDs LID Price per LID: 2,94$ LIDs Window

    Lead generation and sales
    Purposes of the customer:
    Increase the flow of quality applications and sales
    by 02
    Increasing business through increasing customers
    Getting on income of $20,000 a month

    What was done?1 .Create a promotion strategy
    Advertising for Cold Audiences
    Auditors for interests
    by 02
    Large audiences
    Look-a-like by buyers

    Advertising for a warm audience
    Those who have viewed the product in the last 7, 14, 28 days
    by 02
    People who have interacted with social networks over the past 28 days

    2ndA Communication Strategy
    For structural work on the project, I practice keeping a special table.This table gives the customer a deeper understanding of all aspects of my work in the project.It includes: promotion strategy, technical settings, advertising texts and creatives.Now the customer sees everything that happens in the settings of his advertising office, only in a simplified form.ThreeContinuous monitoring of visitors' behavior on landing pages

    The Symptoms
    What was achieved?In a period of 3 months, the customer managed to earn more than $60,000 from FB ads and increase brand recognition in the European market.Translated by DeepL.com (free version)
  • ROAS 1010% E-commerce E-commerce Goods for travel

    Social media advertising
    Description of the project:

    Business Customer: shop of travel goods
    Increase the monthly turnover by 3 times
    Geo: Poland
    Advertising costs: $7670
    Number of sales: 217
    Price for one sale: $35.35
    The average check: $360
    Average ROAS: 10.10 = 1010%
    Revenue: $77,499
  • Property of 304 ice

    Contextual advertising
    The task:
    Increase the number of targeted leaders from contextual and targeted advertising
    Reduce the cost of the leather by 30%
    Advertising campaigns by positive results

    The Decision:
    1 . Strategy
    Search and smart campaigns were launched in Google Ads, where the semantics for the purchase of a apartment was detailed, as well as requests for competitors names were added.
    2nd Semantic
    Since we were targeted only to Poltava, we have developed a full range of keywords, from high-frequency to DSA campaigns, to pick up a new semantic.
    Three Optimization
    For better optimization, we have set the tracking of entering calls and the tracking analytics to track the quality of leads.

    The Results:
    Leads: 304 The cost of leads: 475 UAH.

    Case: HTTP://surl.li/rayvv
  • Revenue from Advertising $187 804 Leads Leads USA

    Lead generation and sales
    The task:

    - Getting the calls to order a wedding dress with an average check of $2500 from the Ukrainian manufacturer
    Increase brand awareness on the U.S. market

    Results are:

    The price of the ice is $8.46
    Revenue from advertising - $187,804

    Link to the case: http://surl.li/qcbmn

    #Facebook #Sales #E-Commerce #E-Commerce #Internet Store
  • 1951 leads by $2.2 to Coptain

    Lead generation and sales
    The company is a Ukrainian brand for the production and sale of coptions for home, dachi and business. The average check is about $500.

    What did I do for the project?
    - Preliminated the current business model of the site and the Facebook client (decomposition)
    Analysis of the target audience, its needs, geology, and psychology
    - Analyzed the competitors of the customer, understood what is already working, and what is not
    Marketing strategy: advertising and content strategy
    Starting targeted advertising
    - Audit listing, site and recommendations on the processing of leads to increase the conversion in sales.

    Result: $4419 invested, 1951 leads received

    Link to the case: http://surl.li/psygf

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 10

19 April 171 USD
Setting up google ads


Interesting team. Let's continue working...


Everything is clear and professional!
All performance indicators are at 10.
Thank you for the cooperation, I will contact you in the future)

7 April 19 USD
Install Facebook pixel


I cannot competently evaluate the work, as it was done by my targetologist.


Excellent specialist, great communication and good result. Will contact again


All is well. Conducted an audit. Passed on all received information. If there are any questions regarding similar projects, I will contact you again. I recommend.


Have a good consultation.

12 March 22 USD
Consultation on the setup of the FB retargeting


Good advice, expert advice. I recommend cooperation.


Everything is fast and clear. Recommendation for cooperation

24 February 12 USD
Facebook Advertising Cabinet


Thank you, I got a professional advice.


Вікторія показала себе з найкращої сторони, коли зробила по проєкту все, що необхідно і навіть більше. Вікторія нещодавно на платформі, і через це я трохи вагалася, але потім, почавши працювати - я зрозуміла, що вона професіонал. За допомогою її стратегії запуску реклами та чітким та послідовним крокам нам вдалося отримати гарні результати продажів. Рекомендую Вікторію як гарного спеціаліста та чудову, комунікативну людину!


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