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Mykyta Lysyi

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
1 month 12 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
2 Safe completed
3 months 6 days ago
2 Clients
age 22 years
registered for 7 months 18 days
  • rewriting
  • copywriting
  • english-ukrainian/russian translation
  • scenario
  • unique texts


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Text translation
Text editing and proofreading

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: upper-intermediate


I have been working with texts and languages on a permanent basis for more than 4 years. Everything I create is based purely on my skills and ideas, so the client always gets a unique product. Even if we are talking about AI - I know well, how to work with it, and how to get a more "human" text. Here are some of my skills:

· Editing and proofreading of texts
· Copywriting
· Rewriting
· Writing scripts/texts from scratch
· Translations ( English B2, Ukrainian and Russian - native level )

I often offer the customer a free sample from myself, so that the person can be sure of my competence. I am conscientiously responsible for quality. I do the work as fast as it is physically possible.

 Feel free to write me!


Design & art

Mobile development


  • 75 USD

    Parts for Cars Website

    Web design
    Another test task with a short TZ on the sale and purchase of car parts

    The work process concerned #references #Wireframing #websites #uxui #adaptive

    The work was done throughout the day and to improve all the above listed
  • 126 USD

    The Landing Page

    Interface design
    Testing the task I performed when I was placed in the company. There were only a few references and a description of the structure.

    This design is created with the fullness of zero, #adaptive and responsive pids for any distribution capacity of the screen, including the adaptive pids #mobileapp and #tablet.

    At first I adapted. An analysis of the references provided was carried out, a color palette and a combination of phrases was selected among several variants. After that, #wireframe was created with the #grid pid of the future Response design. After completing the preparation stage, I began to create a design for the Desktop, Planchet and Mobile. During the time of performing each of them, he used the autolayout, #components and #Prototyping for full animation.

    This is just a small task, and a good example of my way to accomplish. I’m always happy to work with complex projects and learn something new without looking for a easy way.
  • 126 USD

    Review of Epic Games

    Interface design
    A small #redesign shop. Price indicated for the order

    I had a little to rebuild a popular gaming service to develop myself a little in this area and get a hand.

    I’m happy to accept good work.
  • 75 USD

    Design of Hator

    Interface design
    A small #design of a popular brand. Price indicated for the order

    A little game with frameworks, #typographics and site structure processing

    This work was an interesting challenge due to the dimensions of elements and specificity and unicularity of design.
  • 88 USD

    Landing of honey

    Interface design
    Good and structured landing for sale of honey

    Here is a more or less standard #LandingRage creation scheme with copyright filling

    One of my favorite typings of work, in which I also have a lot of experience
  • 126 USD

    Site Memorial in Travel

    Web design
    Detailed and thoughtful site-memorial with bills, best places, reviews, etc., which can be easily drawn.

    It has been conducted #research, #analytic competitors, small #userresearch. There are #adaptive design and product development ideas
  • 50 USD

    The corporate website

    Web design
    In essence, the design for the further development of the #corporate site. Structure is not typical, so open to changes or additions
  • 201 USD

    The Collector of All Works

    Web design
    Here are #LandingRage, #Store, #MobileApp, #LMS and #CorporateSite
    The average price for one job.
  • 50 USD

    Landing Tea

    Web design
    One of the first experiences of creating #LandingRage for himself

    A very simple landing that can be used as a pattern for necessity.
  • 25 USD

    Mobile Supplement for Food Order

    Mobile apps design
    Simple #mobileapp, made on a quick hand for yourself in the flow of learning how to work with mobile apps

    Practices in this I have little but there is a lot of knowledge about the #ios, #android, the creation of the Hybrid applications, and there is also a certain understanding of how a mobile application should look

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 2

16 January 50 USD
Reading and editing 10 texts in English


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Thank you for work thank you for work


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