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java developer android developer postgresql kotlin spring boot android sdk jquery java spring react bootstrap hibernate python3 c# .net developer selenium

Dmytro — Claks  
Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 142  3

Igor — pr1g0ryan  
C and C++ · Java
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 50  1

Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Ukraine
 26  0

Java · Apps for Android
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 10  0

Passionate and highly effective Developer successful at building Android applications. Well-educated and poised with 7 years of expertise. Focused and driven with strengths in coding and bug resolution. Experience delivering top-notch, well-developed apps that provide service to first responders. Skills Programming languages: Java, Kotlin Android Toolkit: Android Studio, Android SDK, Android SDK Platform Tools App integration tools: Facebook, Google, Apple, and others. FCM, OneSignal, Pusher, socket.io, and others Network: Retrofit, Okhttp, Json, WebSockets Multithreading: Coroutines, Flow, RxJava Experience with libraries: Glide, Picasso, ButterKnife, EventBus, Timber, Volley, Fresco, MPAndroidChart, greenDAO, AndroidX, LiveData, WorkManager Additional: HTML, CSS, Jira Storage: SQLite, Room, Firestore Database, Realtime database, SharedPreferences, Android File System, MediaStore, Firebase storage, Firebase hosting Crash/product analytics: Firebase Crashlytics, AppMetrica, Firebase Analytics, AppsFlyer, New Relic, Google Analytics UI: Jetpack Compose, Custom layouts, XML layouts (FrameLayout/LinearLayout /RelativeLayout/ConstraintLayout /MotionLayout etc.), Animations, Material Knowledge of TDD, MVVM, MVP, SOLID, CI, DI, Clean Architecture, principles and patterns of OOP programming, algorithms and data structures DI: Dagger, Koin, Hilt Version control: Git, Github, Bitbucket App optimization: Android profiler, Layout inspector, Firebase Perfomance Detailed CV by request

Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Mykolaiv, Ukraine
 16  0

Freelancer, that specialising in developing websites from scratch. Work on CMS WordPress and create websites on pure code. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4.5. During my work experience developed a lot of projects of varying complexity related to WooCommerce, landings, government webs, connection to payment system and membership fees. Using PHP created parsers, telegram bots, authorisation, modify WP plugins and themes. Fast learning and high motivated person that is open for new knowledges and work. Calm and outgoing person, which is passionate about personal development. Seeking for stability with the opportunity for career advancement and recognation.

Application programming · Java
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 23  0

Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 11  0

Apps for Android · Java
Uzbekistan Ташкент, Uzbekistan
 12  1

Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 11  0

Dmitry — Kotdev
Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 15  0