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1C:Enterprise 8.3 ( + WEB SERVICE

Translated250 USD

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    10 days150 USD

    Ready to perform the task. There is experience in organizing data exchange between 1C and various API systems and through WEB service
    Готов выполнить задачу. Есть опыт организации обмена данными между 1С и различными системами по API и через WEB сервис

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Programmer 1C for regular project cooperation

177 USD

Work in the BAS database for small businesses As of now, the tasks are as follows: 1) Develop a new system of analogs of various goods and implement it according to the existing technical specification. 2) Implement automatic sending of waybills to customers after assignment…

1C ∙ 4 proposals

Download data from xls to BAS

13 USD

Download data from xls and create a document for entering initial balances based on data from xls BAS Small business

1C ∙ 8 proposals

Setting up Google account

You need to set up Google to get the password for applications In short, so that the trading program could send emails Below is a photo to understand what is needed

1CSystem administration ∙ 2 proposals

Setting up management accounting in 1C on a dedicated server.

Good day. I am looking for a specialist who will guide me through the following steps: Select a server for installing 1C, setting up roles/permissions on the server itself, configuring 1C for managerial accounting. In the end, it should be possible for an employee to access a…

1C ∙ 8 proposals

Creating customer segments in the BAF program

Program we are working on - BAF Task: create a segment of counterparties who have not made a purchase (who have not had "Customer Orders" for more than 2 months) Segment Worked February May accordingly works and selects the necessary clients Please attach examples of your…

1C ∙ 2 proposals

Rustam Davletov
Kazakhstan Almaty (Alma-Ata)  4  0
Project published
1 month 21 days ago