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Autoclicker and setting

Translated193 USD

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Everything is great, satisfied with the work. Recommended

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Honest and positive customer.
I recommend cooperation.

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    Winning proposal10 days193 USD

    Good evening !
    I have great experience in automation, including browser anti-detection
    Write to me
    Доброго вечора!
    Маю великий досвід автоматизації, в тому числі антидетект браузерів
    Напишіть мені

  1. 678    6  1   1
    5 days63 USD

    Hello to you. I’ve been working on programming and automating bots for a long time. Let’s discuss
    Здравствуйте. Долгое время занимаюсь программированием программ и ботов для автоматизации. Давайте обсудим

  • Pavlo Novitsky
    20 February, 20:10 |

    Удачи обходить капчу тик тока и ютуба

  • Profile deleted
    20 February, 20:46 |

    Удача не понадобится если бы ты знал, что когда ты авторизован в учетках КАПЧИ НЕТ

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Application for Windows and Mac

Develop a program based on Chromium for Windows and Mac, which will in some sense play the role of a light anti-detection browser for folding with services. The main idea is to create something like a light anti-detection tool, through which access can be shared and the service…

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Development of a Python script for analysis and selection of the best photos

The project goal is to create a Python script that will work on MacOS for automated photo analysis. The script should perform the following main functions: Photo Analysis: Using the ChatGPT API, the script will analyze the quality of photos in a specified folder. Selection of…

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It is necessary to implement a large door/window configurator

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13 USD

I have already issued the program code and the executable file. Instead of outputting a lot of data for one file (text), the task is to organize the program to work with a folder of files, but at the cost of having less data for each text file in the output report. And add a bit…


Finish the Android application. 4 buttons WiFi control two engines esp32

25 USD

There is an Android application that works slightly imperfectly, it is desirable to fix it, it is necessary to add the ability to start two motors via Wi-Fi to four buttons, I will provide more information. The Wi-Fi module esp32 is used, and the data transmission protocol is…

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2 months 26 days ago