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Boots on market.csgo.com

Translated127 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Bogdan Kovalenko


The work was done quickly and quality. It was very pleasant that the artist was always in touch and fully fulfilled all the tasks and wishes set. Thank you for cooperation! I definitely recommend it!)

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Lyubov Kapliyenko

Task formulation

I really liked cooperation. Implementation of tasks, contact at the highest level. I highly recommend Love as a customer. We will continue to work on projects!

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    Winning proposal7 days127 USD

    Good day . I’ve been working on Python for 2 years, specifically with cs:go I didn’t work, but I had to work with Steam. Experience with the API. Please sign up to L.S. and we will discuss details. I will be pleased to cooperate
    Добрый день. Занимаюсь программированием на Python 2 года, конкретно с cs:go не работал, но доводилось работать с Steam. Есть опыт в работе с API. Отпишите в ЛС, и обсудим детали. Буду рад сотрудничеству

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Current freelance projects in the category JavaScript

I am looking for an experienced WooCommerce coder/developer for a project.

127 USD

Welcome, I am looking for an experienced WooCommerce coder/developer to integrate WooCommerce into an existing website/store. The task is for immediate completion. It would be best if interested parties sent their previous work in this area.

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 2 proposals

Website enhancement on Angular

There is a project written in Angular. A website with not very complex functionality. It is necessary to make some minor improvements: optimize pages for loading speed, adjust aspects for mobile and tablet versions, do some work with the api (there is a custom cost calculation…

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 3 proposals

Develop a tool for calculating the cost of IT projects

Need to develop a tool for calculating the cost of IT projects Specifications Need to develop the server and client parts of the application. Platform capabilities: 1. Implement the ability to register a user of the application. 2. Implement the ability to add an IT project…

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 3 proposals

Subject of the project: Development of a web application "Online Pharmacy" with a function of selection

203 USD

Work topic: Development of a web application "Online Pharmacy" with a generic selection function The site should have functions for user registration, user authorization, a catalog of medicinal products, product filtering, adding to cart, the ability to order products, (generic…

JavaScriptDatabases ∙ 4 proposals

ReactJS Typescript/JavaScript for messaging service

Шукаю розробника під проект, залучення 5-7 годин роботи на день, загалом 2-3 місяці роботи. Потрібна розмовна англійська або німецька мова. Re-developing messaging service platform. Everything documented in Swagger and Postman. Its based on react.js also frontend works with…

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 6 proposals

Lyubov Kapliyenko
Kazakhstan Chu  2  0
Project published
1 year ago