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Construct 3, game "Rock Paper Scissors" Implement 1v1 online mode

Translated171 USD

  1. 252  
    15 days609 USD

    Good day, I am ready to do it if the budget suits.
    Добрый день готов сделать если бюджет устроит.

  2. 802    5  1
    1 day171 USD

    Ready to discuss details in DM. Price and deadlines are placeholders for now. Need to see the code.
    Готов обсудить детали в лс. Цена и сроки пока как заглушка. Нужно видеть код

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Integration of advertising into a game on Unity

There is already a game ready, which is already published in the store. It is necessary to replace the current implementation of Google Ads advertising with Appodeal (https://appodeal.com). Only the implementation of advertising needs to be replaced, nothing more. The game…

C#Gaming applications ∙ 3 proposals

Revision of the button

244 USD

There is a clicker, but with a clumsy implementation of some functions, and it is without a database (the game process is reset every day and all data, this needs to be fixed) Need to refine and install it on the server. 1. Each click on active elements - vibration 2. Make the…

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A simple Telegram application is needed, a base for tapping

146 USD

Hello everyone! We are looking for a developer to create a simple application on Telegram, so that we can solve the following tasks: - a person enters the application and receives bonuses; - a person invites friends and receives bonuses for each invited active friend; - a…

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Creating a SA-MP server on a mobile phone from 0

512 USD

A specialist in scripting is required to create a game mod for CRMP on a mobile phone. With knowledge of the C++ language

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Help with compiling a project on Unreal Engine 4.27 under Android SDK 34

There is a ready project, it works on SDK 33, but it needs to be compiled for SDK 34, which I am having difficulties with.

Gaming applications ∙ 1 proposal

Artem Znoba
Ukraine Krivoi Rog  6  0
Project published
24 days 3 hours ago