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Diploma in Organizational ManagementДиплом по менеджменту организаций

Translated800 UAH

Work result

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Nataliia Semenovich


Diploma work is done brilliantly!
The work is written interesting, content, cognitive, literate scientific, but at the same time available language.

I am very grateful to Natalie for the work done. A skilled expert and a decent freelancer.
The quality of the work and its attitude to all the issues arising in the process are above all praises.

Nathalie has written a wonderful diploma. A great, professional executive.
A huge plus - the work was done earlier than the deadline and not to damage the quality, which is rare among freelancers. Diploma work is done very carefully.

Natalia is a competent, literate, responsible and reliable freelancer. A rewarding man, a master of his business.
I strongly recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much for your work and patience! I look forward to continuing cooperation.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Olga Boyko

Task formulation

Thank you for the good feedback!
In response, I can say that Olga is a decent customer who clearly puts the task and knows what he wants from the executor.
During the cooperation there were no problems. Payment was made in time and in full amount.
I recommend Olga as a good and responsible customer with whom it is always pleasant to work with.
We look forward to further cooperation.

Nataliia Semenovich

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  1. 195    4  1
    1 day700 UAH

    I will perform quality and in time. Post by [email protected]
    Выполню качественно и в срок. Почта [email protected]

  2. -15    1  0
    1 day

    Good day ! I will write the work quality, have experience in writing courses/diploma, etc. Please call me, I will be happy to cooperate.
    Добрый день! Работу напишу качественно, есть опыт в написании курсовых/дипломных и т.п. Обращайтесь, буду рада сотрудничеству.

  3. 95    3  0
    4 days1500 UAH

    Good day, 8 years of experience.
    by [email protected]
    Добрый день, опыт 8 лет.
    [email protected]

  4.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  5. 64    1  0
    1 day

    Good day !
    Please send the info to e-mail [email protected] r u
    There is higher economic education.
    Добрый день!
    Сбросьте инфо на электрон.почту [email protected] r u
    Есть высшее экономическое образование.

  6. 308    5  0
    Winning proposal30 days800 UAH

    Hello to you!
    Ready to perform.
    Готова выполнить.

  7. 159  
    15 days70 USD

    Ready to do the work.
    Economist with a red diploma. I have experience in working and preparing scientific publications, as well as practical management experience.
    I work on the basis of gradual payments.
    My contacts: [email protected]
    Готова выполнить работу.
    Менеджер-экономист с красным дипломом. Имею опыт работы и подготвки научных публикаций, а также практический управленческий опыт.
    Работаю на основе поэтапной оплаты.
    Мои контакты: [email protected]

  8. 31  
    30 days700 UAH

    Hello to you. Interested in your order. I will be happy to cooperate. Experience in writing works is available. Specialization - management of organizations and administration.
    Здравствуйте. Интересует Ваш заказ. Буду рада сотрудничать. Опыт написания работ имеется. Специальность - менеджмент организаций и администрирования.

  9. 36  
    30 days150 USD

    Good day !
    Experience in writing diplomas.
    [email protected]
    Go to turn!
    Добрый день!
    Опыт в написании дипломных работ.
    [email protected]

  10. 121  
    30 days700 UAH

    Ready to cooperate. Specialist in Organizational Management and Administration.
    Готов сотрудничать. Специалист по менеджменту организаций и администрированию.

  11. 642    35  0
    20 days1500 UAH

    Hello to you! Ready to do the work. I have a higher economic education and a huge experience in writing student and scientific works.
    Здравствуйте! Готова выполнить работу. У меня высшее экономическое образование и огромный опыт написания студенческих и научных работ.

  12.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  13. 189  
    60 days1500 UAH

    Go to Ls)
    Обратилась в лс)

Olga Boyko
Ukraine Ukraine  26  0
Project published
8 years ago