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Дипломная работа ландшафтный дизайн

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    30 days255 USD

    Доброго дня, мене звати Святослав, займаюсь написанням курсових та дипломів більше 2 років.
    Співпрацюю з багатьма виконавцями які розуміються та знають на предметі, зможемо Вам допомогти.
    Зробимо все в якісно та в термін (можливий фотосупровід по роботі).

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Current freelance projects in the category Tuition

A Unity tutor is needed to create a game

I am looking for a tutor who would help me understand Unity to create a poker game (as part of homework).

C#Tuition ∙ 1 proposal

Exhibit the product on Amazon

13 USD

1. Show how to list a product on Amazon 2. Sellercentral account is available 3. Product is already on the platform. Example https://www.amazon.com/Forever-Living-Bright-ToothGel-Pack/dp/B001JZ6GJO/

TuitionLead generation and sales ∙ 2 proposals


I am looking for a professional in the field of Amazon who can teach me everything starting from scratch, as well as help me list my first product on the Amazon platform. I also need help and training regarding advertising on this platform. Before starting work, it would be…

Online stores and e-commerceTuition ∙ 1 proposal

Account management in social networks

There are about 10 social media accounts that need to be managed for about a week I will explain/show everything, it will take about 4 hours a day A laptop and mobile internet are required

TuitionInformation gathering ∙ 9 proposals

Image json lottie

13 USD

Need help, to explain and show how to create an image (not animated at all, just to get the code from Lottie) but maybe with simple animation like special effects for example (bonfire, fog, rain, wind). After uploading to Lottie, you need to get the JSON code from Lottie itself…


Project published
3 years ago