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Translated49 USD

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    3 days49 USD

    Good day! I can refine your work and complete this task, there are no special questions, I can start.
    Добрий день! Можу доопрацювати вашу роботу, та виконати це завдання, особливих питань немає, можу приступать.

Current freelance projects in the category Application programming

AI for Dota 2

Just a forest farming bot, graphical interface, launch on Windows, auto-accept and auto-search for games. Ability to run multiple accounts simultaneously.

Machine learningApplication programming

IOS and Android developer

666 USD

Update and launch the practically ready application of 3-year-old age. Payment negotiable (from 1500 USD). Company website pesoto.com.ua

Application programmingJava ∙ 8 proposals

Script for processing video files

It is necessary to develop a script (possibly in Python) that automatically cuts clips from a video based on similarity to clips from another video. The script should take into account possible frame transformations (e.g. crop, scaling, stretching) when comparing. How it…

PythonApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals

Excel VBA or Google JavaScript specialist (Dashboard analytics)

Good day. There are a number of visualizations purchased for pennies, one in VBA Script, the other in Google Sheets. It is necessary to implement a modified version, taking some ideas from both versions. At the same time, it should look visually better. I have a designer, she…

Data processingApplication programming

Unique creative customization

A program is needed to make videos unique for TikTok. So that it is possible to create, for example, 100 unique videos from one video that TikTok will approve. Details will be provided during correspondence.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals

Project published
1 month 1 day ago