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Content Manager / Website Administrator

Translated650 USD

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  • Olga Kolomiiets
    29 November 2023, 17:55 |

    Якщо це не конкретне завдання, то вам у вакансії.

Current freelance projects in the category Content management

Editing the finished site on the platform Horoshop.


There is a ready website on the platform. You need to: respond, correctly dissolve the goods in the catalogue folders, check the correctness of the translation into Ukrainian and growth. The language. Make the website as convenient as possible.

Content management ∙ 4 proposals

Complete the online store


The online store on the prom yua category small consumer electronics, should be filled with goods with a quality filling photo , description, design of the product card , translation Russian Ukrainian, correctly filled technical characteristics (completions, batteries, voltage,…

Content management ∙ 12 proposals

Writing, forming and publishing on the website of the article of the air conditioning installation

13 USD

Technical tasks for writing an article about the installation of air conditioners Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know The Target: * To provide readers with useful information about the installation of air conditioners.• Increase brand awareness and site…

Content managementSocial media page design ∙ 4 proposals

Filling the goods at www.allegro.pl


Good day Interested in filling the product of the site www.allegro.pl Examples of filling: https://allegro.pl/oferta/zestaw-mebli-ogrodowych-kuchnia-ogrodowa-ze-zlewem-240x60x122-cm-skandi-15175034245 The goods: street lights, street furniture, street interior items A total…

Content management ∙ 2 proposals

Content Manager of Products Prom.ua

13 USD

We are looking for a content manager for the professional filling of the online store. Maximum full name of the product. - Complete all the description and all the characteristics 10 properly set keys. - Unique photos and content in the product (we give the resource from…

Content management ∙ 10 proposals

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