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Setting up SD as the main storage on Lenovo tab m10 tablet


Current freelance projects in the category Software and server configuration

Setting up ocean digital server for opencart

Hello everyone, help is needed in setting up the ocean digital server, Ubuntu 18, namely: 1. It is necessary to figure out why sending/receiving mail/orders from the website does not work, the site is on opencart 3. Corporate mail is purchased on Ukraine hosting (I can consider…

Software and server configuration ∙ 6 proposals

Network, system administration VMware, Windows, O365, Mikrotik

We physically have one server at Hetzner with virtualization plus an additional backup server. Task management and user interaction through helpdesk (own GLPI) MIKROTIK network equipment VM WARE virtualization on the server at HETZNER Backups to a separate physical server +…

Software and server configurationSystem programming ∙ 3 proposals

Setting up GTM/Ads/Analytics

There is a web application with configured analytics and conversion tracking. Everything is connected through GTM. And there is a problem that this very conversion tracking works not quite correctly - the numbers in Google Ads and in Analytics differ from each other, and none of…

Contextual advertisingSoftware and server configuration ∙ 12 proposals

Assemble a schematic for a LiFePO4 power source for the server

Assemble a diagram using LiFePO4 (can be with 105 or 150 or 304 Ah) batteries and provide advice on purchasing all components from AliExpress or other sources to create a power supply for a server.

System administrationSoftware and server configuration ∙ 1 proposal

Transfer data to the cloud server and configure its operation

A small accounting company. Clients - entrepreneurs. A large set of files and documents is stored for each client. Need a cloud server to store all this and provide access to accountants.

DatabasesSoftware and server configuration ∙ 13 proposals

Aleksandr Makar
Ukraine Ukraine  6  0
Project published
25 days 12 hours ago