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The online shop of woocommerce

Translated26 USD

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    2 days26 USD

    Hello to you! I am a WordPress professional and I can help you. My knowledge of HTML/CSS/PHP can also be useful for your project implementation.
    Привет! Профессионал в WordPress и могу вам помочь. Мои знания в HTML/CSS/PHP также могут быть полезны для реализации вашего проекта.

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    1 day26 USD

    Welcome, I’m doing everything now.
    We will discuss the cost and deadlines of the project.
    Приветствую,сделаю все сейчас.
    Пишите,обсудим стоимость и сроки проекта)

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Current freelance projects in the category Application programming

Control of the ship (Autopilot)

2628 USD

You need to write a program to control the radiated ship by the specified GPS coordinate. Ships for food (for fishing) The Task: - On the pult we put the tumbler in position 1 (manual control) and lead the boat manually to the point that will then need to be visited. - We…

C and C++Application programming ∙ 2 proposals

Integration of LiqPay to the website


We are looking for a specialist for integrating the LiqPay payment system to our website We have a site made on the Weblium designer, customers are mainly English, but the built-in integration with LiqPay does not give the possibility to change the language of the paid page…

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 5 proposals

Integrating BaseLinker with the ERP System to SQL Express


The order consists in performing a standard encryption that will download the order data and throw it into the SQL Express tables and throw the data - number sendings from SQL Server and throw it into the Baslinker.

Application programming ∙ 1 proposal

Delete the PDF file


You need to complete the PDF file. At the start of the PDF, the required installator must be turned off (dll. and exe. by MSI. msix ...) to launch it without mistakes and without detects on Windows 10-11. similar to the video https://streamable.com/ba1tbv?src=player-page-share…

Application programming

Automation and improvement of the work with the orders of the online store


You need to automatize the routine work in the web store of the bas WordPress + Vukomers.Technically, this can be done both software and using bots or SI.The following actions must take place in automatic or semi-automatic mode.Information to the BuyerInformation to the Buyer…

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals

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3 months 1 day ago