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Нужен специалист 1С - склад

13 USD

  1. 506    9  0
    10 days13 USD

    Добрый день. Есть опыт настройки обмена данными между 1С и сайтами по API. Могу оперативно подключаться в рамках рабочего дня.

  2. 349    5  0
    1 day13 USD

    Своими руками много делал складских учетов "на стороне 1С". Готов помочь

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  1. 2025    65  0
    1 day13 USD

    Здравствуйте. Есть достаточно опыта работы с NeoSeo. Могу приступить сейчас.

  • Oleksii Kozhushko
    3 February 2022, 12:50 |

    Какая конфигурация 1С используется?

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There is a process that pulls goods with prices and balances from 1c7 to 1c8. But in 1c7 there are many warehouses and it is necessary to exclude 2 warehouses from the list for exchange.

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Change the content of the submitted report

Change the content of the submitted report. Task B In 1C 8.3 accounting, change the purchase book of the submitted report in 1C so that when the report is opened, other data are visible.


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Loading invoices and statements from BAS into the database on the server via API

Assistance is needed in implementing automatic transfer of information from accounts (invoices) to counterparties and bank account statements in the BAS. Please write your price for the work and the period required for its implementation.

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Creating an application for an online store.

Good day. I am planning to create an application for my online store, and I am interested in information about the development and cost. An example of the application we want, as similar as possible - https://apps.apple.com/app/id1575149519

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Dmitro Shabanov
Ukraine Kyiv  30  0
Project published
2 years ago