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You need to solve a simple task on C++

Translated5 USD

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Task: introduce the guests to each other.

13 USD

Task: Introduce guests to each other. Conditions: 64 people, 8 rounds, 8 tables. Each round, people need to be moved to a different table for acquaintance, ensuring that no person is repeated. And so that each person meets everyone. Number people from 1 to 64. For example:…

Application programming ∙ 3 proposals

Add contact database to Telegram Channel

13 USD

Need to add 130 contacts to Telegram channel. Phone databases will be added, so the possibility of regular loading should be provided.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals

Image configurator functionality (Woocommerce)

Hello, We need a image configurator, similar like these in examples - https://consumer.betafence-app.be/ https://www.myconfigurator.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Portail-MES-75-min.gif Main things that we need - So it would be integrated with wordpress/woocommerce as…

Application programmingWeb programming

VBA Excel Artem and issuing goods from the warehouse

322 USD

Good day, I am a student at a Czech university and I need help with a project in MS Excel VBA, the project is not big, it consists of 3 pages in Excel with tables, two of which need to be filled in using UserForms, the third duplicates the collected information. I will tell you…

Application programming ∙ 8 proposals

Set up and customize Woocommerce

26 USD

There is a website on Wordpress. It needs to add e-commerce functionality. I have installed Woocommerce, but the out-of-the-box functionality does not have all the necessary features, does not look very good, and requires entering unnecessary information when placing an order…

Online stores and e-commerceApplication programming ∙ 6 proposals

Nik Nik
Ukraine Kyiv  5  0
Project published
2 years ago