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Optimization of the Website

Translated25 USD

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    4 days175 USD

    Good morning, I am engaged in profile optimization and acceleration of sites, I can perform the audit in detail, form a TZ in which I will describe the list of all the shortcomings and weaknesses that affect productivity, and I will describe the solution to each problem, if you are interested in writing to LS all in detail I will describe, I will immediately indicate in the process not used plugins, only manual method of optimization of the site!
    Доброго дня, займаюсь профільно оптимізацією та прискоренням сайтів, можу детально виконати аудит, сформувати ТЗ у якому опишу перелік усіх недоліків та слабких місць які впливають на продуктивність, та опишу рішення до кожної проблеми, якщо цікаво пишіть в ЛС все детально розпишу, відразу вкажу у процесі не використовую плагіни, лише ручний метод оптимізації сайту!

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System for monitoring, diagnostics, and management of computer networks

100 USD

The topic is recorded from the diploma, but the subtopic can be anything related to KM diagnostics. Network Monitoring System Development: Creating software that automatically monitors the state of computer networks, detects problems, and provides reports on them.…

JavaSystem programming

It is necessary to format (create a template) the product description on the ocStore 2.1 website

25 USD

Task: Need to format the product description on this page https://espiro.ua/espiro-yoga the same way as on the Polish website https://espiro.pl/espiro-yoga (knowledge of css, html is required). This should be a template so that by copy-pasting, I can format other items myself.…

JavaWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals

Website design and development

676 USD

There is a ready design, here it is https://www.figma.com/design/vG1njBWuJbMjrQikLJiclY/dverihub-web-site-design-(Copy)?node-id=0-1&t=UJSQewyA1yaz9VNL-1 The main task is the product map. Values should be selected and accordingly the total amount and the amount of the set should…

JavaNode.js ∙ 16 proposals

Download PDF file from Google Drive (copy protection)

13 USD

need to download a PDF file from Google Drive copy protection is enabled access to the main account is lost will send the link to the file in DM

JavaJavaScript ∙ 10 proposals

Application for Windows and Mac

Develop a program based on Chromium for Windows and Mac, which will in some sense play the role of a light anti-detection browser for folding with services. The main idea is to create something like a light anti-detection tool, through which access can be shared and the service…

JavaPython ∙ 2 proposals

Vyacheslav Nesterenko
Ukraine Poltava  18  0
Project published
3 months 2 days ago