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PageSpeed Insights for the OpenCart website


  1. 3782    37  0
    3 days175 USD

    Good day, need to see the site in order to understand the current state and be able to propose a solution.
    Доброго дня, потрібно бачити сайт для того, розуміння поточного стану, та щоб могти запропонувати рішення

  2. 574    7  0
    1 day38 USD

    Good day, I have been working in web programming for over 6 years. I work with rest api, frameworks, and cms such as laravel, yii2, wp, opencart, etc. I am ready to complete the task. You will need to provide access to ftp and admin panel.
    Добрый день, веб-программировании уже более 6 лет
    Работаю с rest api, фреймворками и cms такие как laravel, yii2, wp, opencart и т.д. Готов выполнить задачу.
    От вас требуется доступ к фтп и админке

  3. 621    11  0
    2 days50 USD

    Good day. Send a link to your website, and screenshots of current metrics. I will do it.
    Добрый день. Вышлите сслку на свой сайт, и скрины текущих показателей. Сделаю.

  4. 986    10  1
    1 day25 USD

    Hello, please send me your link to the website for review................
    Здравствуйте, скиньте вашу сылку на сайт для ознакомления................

  5. 2 more hidden bids
  • Fedor Ashifin
    15 April, 17:41 |

    Доброго дня посилання на сайт можно? 

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Integration of Google Cloud API with IP telephony RingCentral

25 USD

Integrating Google Cloud API with RingCentral IP Telephony Purpose: We need to connect Google Cloud API to our RingCentral IP telephony to implement automatic speech translation from Russian to English in real-time. When a person speaks in Russian, their speech should be…

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 1 proposal

Investigation and detailed explanation of algorithms from TheAlgor repository

251 USD

I am looking for a specialist who could help me understand the algorithms presented in the GitHub repository: TheAlgorithms/Python. I need a detailed study of each algorithm to understand their structure, principles of operation, and potential applications. Tasks: Algorithm…

Application programmingSystem programming

Cryptology and Latex

13 USD

There is one latex file. The text from there needs to be rewritten in another latex file + correct the code and compare which encryption method is more profitable (Cryptology). That is, practically everything is in hand, just correct

Application programming

Split the video into equal parts

13 USD

Need to write a program to split the video into specified equal parts. For example, I set 18 seconds for the program and it cuts the video into equal parts from the very beginning to the end, each part being 18 seconds long. At the same time, all metadata of the original video…

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Integration of Kaspi marketplace api into gpt actions

It is necessary to connect the Kaspi marketplace API to actions gpt for implementing work with orders and products from custom chatgpt

Application programmingBot development ∙ 4 proposals

Vadym And
Ukraine Kyiv  2  0
Project published
1 month 9 days ago