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Перевод статей с английского на украинский

500 UAH

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Svitlana S.


1 . Freelancer failed to fulfill the deadlines of the project (deadline 23.02) and the project itself (from 3 articles only one is translated). Initially the cost of the work was accepted by the freelancer (500 UAH), now (after the expiry of the deadlines of the work) the freelancer claims that such work is worth 10,000 UAH and requires the extension of the deadlines of the project.
2nd One article translated by the freelancer completely satisfies me, although there is a sense of using Google Translator.
Three It is foolishness and fraud. I will not recommend this freelancer or this site to anyone.

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Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with client

Task formulation

The contractor did not give the opportunity to extend the deadline of the work due to the very large volume of work.
500 UAH for 378 thousand signs and with such a complex technical terminology, this is a non sense of 1,30 UAH for 1000 signs.
I continued to do the work, but the client was psychan. I made a part of the translation. I did not receive any payment at all.
I am sorry that we didn’t find a common language. It’s very sad that I’ve got this negative feedback for the first time. As I always deal with the work, it is always scrupulous and responsible.

Svitlana S. | Safe Safe

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    1 day500 UAH

    Здравствуйте, готов приступить к сотрудничеству. Выполню быстро и качественно.

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3. 240    8  1
    3 days500 UAH

    Готова приступить к работе.
    Гарантирую качественное и своевременное выполнение.
    Цена - 40 грн/1000 сбп.

  4. 586    22  0
    1 day500 UAH

    Добрый день! Есть опыт перевода по этой теме.
    Буду рада сотрудничеству.
    С уважением, Татьяна