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Looking for an animator for mobile games


Current freelance projects in the category Interface design

Develop prototype and web design solutions for HR based on TZ

260 USD

There is a task of developing a prototype of design and the design itself for a web solution for HR based on TZ The essence of the solution is to create a platform where the administrator (I) can create checklists and templates of documents and users (HR) can fill them. In TZ we…

Interface design ∙ 9 proposals

Consulting, Graphic Design Training

13 USD

Congratulations to everyone. I am a HR manager. I constantly exhibit different images about vacations, announcements, greetings to colleagues. I want my pictures to look attractive (a combination of letters, colors, text). There are the foundations of graphic design. I have no…

Illustrations and drawingsInterface design ∙ 10 proposals

Design in Figma

110 USD

Hello to you!The first step - you need to upgrade the desktop version of the design in Figma.Add a module for the casting of shorts, i.e.The user can download the design on his own.It will be selected one of the existing plugins for WooCommerce, and you will just need to draw…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 29 proposals

Design for SocialFi/NFT platforms

603 USD

We need to re-design the platform.We have the structure and color (based on what they did to prepare for the competition.They did it all on a quick hand, so I don't like it very much and would like to make this the final version of our platform).There are only 2-3 pages left,…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 39 proposals

Application for the development of visual layout for the Twitch channel

260 USD

Project Description: We are looking for a talented graphic designer to create a full visual layout of our Twitch channel that specializes in gaming and creative projects.We need to develop a unique and memorable design that will include alerts, banners, frames, masks, channel…

BannersInterface design ∙ 15 proposals

Vladimir Bessonov Vab agency
Ukraine Hmelnik  209  0
Project published
5 months ago