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Правки на сайте на Laravel + October CMS

  1. 118    1  0
    2 days49 USD

    Здравствуйте. Напишите мне обсудим детали работы. Скорее всего вам, либо для турбо-страниц, либо для яндекс-новостей

  2. 6385    98  0
    2 days49 USD

    Доброго дня, готовий допомогти з вашим проектом) пишіть в повідомлення)

  3. 1657    29  1   3
    2 days54 USD

    Зможу допомогти із реалізацією потрібної логіки. Пишіть обговоримо деталі співпраці

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  • Profile deleted
    16 February 2022, 0:00 |

    А где текущая версия rss?

Current freelance projects in the category PHP

Mask phone number on website (1C Bitrix)

25 USD

On the website salmon.com.ua, there is an existing phone mask that works well, but there are nuances. It is necessary to remove the ability to enter phone numbers of certain countries (remove from the selection list). Configure autofill in such a way that the number is correctly…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 1 proposal

Opencart extension modify

20 USD

opencart cart extension modify auto change status about the.order can notify comment to.buyer and.notify to.manager when status changed

PHPWeb programming ∙ 7 proposals

Optimize queries

74 USD

It is necessary to optimize queries when working with orders to avoid overloading the processor. Currently, when working with orders, sorting, searching by phone, email - immediately puts a load on the processor, leading to delays.

PHPDatabases ∙ 6 proposals

Add SEO data to the Minecraft server monitoring script

12 USD

Congratulations. Some changes need to be made to the monitoring script https://uamon.borodaexp.com/ So that on the pages where the server type is for example https://uamon.borodaexp.com/types/survival there should be the ability to change the title, description, and text.…

PHP ∙ 2 proposals

Work on WordPress

550 USD

Integrate online payment and add a paid library. The site kaea.kg is written in word press through a builder. It is planned to launch an online library of paid information base and to access it, you need to integrate online payment there as a monthly subscription or access to…

1CPHP ∙ 12 proposals

Vladimir Makarov
Ukraine Kyiv  20  0
Project published
2 years ago
  • October CMS