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React Native QR Scanner

Translated38 USD

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Sergey Valko


I will notice that on the stock market for a long time, I work with a specialist for the first time.
I can really recommend Sergey. Despite the short deadlines from the moment of receipt of the order responsibly approached to its fulfillment. The work is done clearly according to quality and really short time!
I am very pleased with the start and hope to continue!

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Finn Eisenberg

Task formulation

Excellent communication, well-established task

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    Winning proposal3 days38 USD

    Good day, ready to take the project, details in ls.

    • • • • • •
    Добрий день, готовий взятися за проєкт, деталі в лс.


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    5 days38 USD

    Hello to you!
    We are interested in your project, we can do it!

    Experience in developing such solutions over 5 years.
    We will be able to implement the TZ and the entire project in the shortest time possible.

    More detail can be discussed in personal messages!)

    with respect,
    Нас заинтересовал ваш проект, можем сделать!

    Опыт разработки подобных решений более 5 лет.
    Сможем реализовать ТЗ и весь проект в кратчайшие сроки.

    Более подробно можем обсудить в личных сообщениях!)

    С уважением,

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  • Olexandr Basalaiev
    13 July 2023, 14:23 |

    Скажите а что вкладывается в понятие Landing page?

    Обычно это термин для webа(Целевая страница для раскрутки)

    У Вас на скрине обычный список или речь идет об webview что будет отображать ту Landing page?

  • Finn Eisenberg
    13 July 2023, 14:24 |

    Это просто страница, главная, может ошибся в точности термина. По сути состоит из двух страниц, на главной - сканнер. 

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I am looking for an experienced WooCommerce coder/developer for a project.

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Welcome, I am looking for an experienced WooCommerce coder/developer to integrate WooCommerce into an existing website/store. The task is for immediate completion. It would be best if interested parties sent their previous work in this area.


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Subject of the project: Development of a web application "Online Pharmacy" with a function of selection

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ReactJS Typescript/JavaScript for messaging service

Шукаю розробника під проект, залучення 5-7 годин роботи на день, загалом 2-3 місяці роботи. Потрібна розмовна англійська або німецька мова. Re-developing messaging service platform. Everything documented in Swagger and Postman. Its based on react.js also frontend works with…

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Finn Eisenberg
Ukraine Kyiv  23  0
Project published
10 months 4 days ago