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Registration of the company in Poland

Translated25 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Olha Grzebien


Thank you for help and advice.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Vladislav Y.

Task formulation

The collaboration is characterized by the clarity and laconicity of the tasks placed. But at the same time: the absence of dialogue and operational reaction. I, as an executor, quickly responded from my side, and provided the exhaustive information that was requested by the customer. Instead, the first reaction was with a week delay, the second a few weeks .... The third was not waiting.
First on the question I provided a written answer, with analysis, comparisons and calculation of different tax systems. Then there was a telephone conversation that everyone spoke about. Then Vladislav asked for a day to think. And I wrote up to a few weeks later another list of 10 questions, on which I again provided a detailed answer over two days. And since that time, a few more weeks have passed. I received a notice of the project closure.
Without any feedback on the advice.
There was no dialogue. I would like to have a better and faster contact.

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    Winning proposal1 day25 USD

    Good day !
    I will help with questions about entrepreneurship in Poland: registration and accounting accompaniment. With the registration of the splash - I won't help. to turn . ) Consultation is free. Companion of 200 zlotys months
    Добрий день !
    Допоможу з питаннями по підприємцю в Польщі : реєстрація та бухгалтерський супровід. З реєстрацією спулки - не допоможу. Звертайтесь ). Консультація безкоштовна. Супровід підприємця від 200 злотих місяць

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Vladislav Y.
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Project published
5 months 14 days ago