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Trainer of Farce

Translated20 USD

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    60 days20 USD

    Good day ! Let’s remember together! I have been studying farce since 2000, but there was a great break. Since then I’ve been practicing only reading Omar Hayyam. Literature is there, if it is)
    Добрый день! А давайте вспоминать вместе! Изучал фарси с 2000 года, но был большой перерыв. С тех пор практикую лишь читая Омара Хайяма. Литература есть, если что)

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I need a mentor to teach how to work with a website on Tilda

25 USD

Hello friends, I am looking for a mentor to work with the Tilda website builder for my acquaintance. The essence is in setting up and refining an already existing website + educational consultations so that the girl can manage it as an admin herself. Specifications according to…

TuitionWebsite maintenance ∙ 1 proposal

Task on the basics of circle theory

17 USD

According to the number of your task variant (Table 1.1) and the numbering scheme (Figure 1.1), perform the following tasks (file attached).

Tuition ∙ 1 proposal

Lessons in English for a child (12 years old)

Hello! I am looking for a creative English tutor for my 12-year-old child for the summer period. The main goals of the lessons: - Improve vocabulary - Develop conversational skills - Enhance pronunciation It is important that the lessons are conducted in an engaging and…

EnglishTuition ∙ 3 proposals

Assistant for correspondence

Assistant for English language course correspondence. I am conducting an English language course and I need an assistant who will correspond with people, answer questions, and bring them to a call with me for a consultation, where I will close the sale.

TuitionCustomer support ∙ 6 proposals

English Tutor

12 USD

Looking for an English tutor, the tutor should determine the level and create a program. Write the price per session in the review

EnglishTuition ∙ 4 proposals

Liza Tkachenko
United Arab Emirates Dubai  4  0
Project published
3 months 4 days ago