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Создание инструкции(видео, pdf) проведение эфиров: fb, zoom, inst, тг

53 USD

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    3 days53 USD

    Good day Elena!
    I will learn to do these actions, use Instagram, telegram and zoom.
    Добрий день, Олено!
    Навчу проводити ці заходи, користуватися інстаграмом, телеграмом та зум.

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    7 days26 USD

    Hello, also a psychiatrist in education. How much do you understand you want to get a presentation that will clearly describe the steps what and how to do? Then I can help with this + I will be in contact to make a little correction.
    Здравствуйте, тоже психолог по образованию. Насколько поняла вы хотите получить презентацию, в которой четко будут описаны шаги что и как делать? Тогда могу с этим помочь + буду на связи, чтобы чуть что скорректировать

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Work in Jira and Slack


We are already registered and understood the functionality, but any tool can be much more convenient and understandable if there is a specialist who can explain how comfortable to work with applications based on our request.From the basic moments to the interesting fights.It’s…

Software and server configurationTuition ∙ 1 proposal

Google Ads

25 USD

I’m looking for a freelancers specialist in Google Ads I’m running a vehicle dismantling station and I’m looking for someone who will help me to promote my company. The price of the order for agreement

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Transfer of SQL Database


On a computer with windows 10 install SQL server and transfer the database from the computer (windows xp, sql 2005).

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Set up the SMTP server

13 USD

Hello, you need a person who will be able to set the mail from the server, and what to send it through smtp. The request for sending a letter will be from another server. If that’s wrong, please forgive me) I’ll explain more in the personal letter already.

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Selecting the server and transferring the site to wp


You need to move the site to a quality and cheap server. At the current host (mainhost) work with the admin leads to a constant decline in the bd. It is desirable that the new hosting is with an understandable ISP type admin and can be managed not only through the console.

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Yelena Us
Ukraine Kharkiv
Project published
2 months 27 days ago