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Transportation and technology process of transportation of gas balloon equipment


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Current freelance projects in the category Tuition

Assistant for correspondence

Assistant for English language course correspondence. I am conducting an English language course and I need an assistant who will correspond with people, answer questions, and bring them to a call with me for a consultation, where I will close the sale.

TuitionCustomer support ∙ 2 proposals

Tutor in economics

13 USD

Looking for an economics tutor, university level 1, need to prepare for completing 6 labs and a test. Price per session - 200 UAH. Planning to take the course for several sessions.


Tutor in electrical engineering

13 USD

Looking for a tutor in electrical engineering, university level 1, need help with completing 9 labs. Completion is possible in a special simulator program, such as the program Electronics Workbench or Reznapr1.exe. Price for 1 session - 200 UAH. Planning to take the course for…


English Tutor

13 USD

Looking for an English tutor, the tutor should determine the level and create a program. Write the price per session in the review

EnglishTuition ∙ 4 proposals

Saving and organizing project files in 3DExperience

Good day! Planning to develop a new project in the 3DExperience system. Need assistance from a specialist who will advise on the best way to save project files developed in Solidworks and how to properly organize access to files in the 3DExperience system. Understand the…


Olena Student
Ukraine Lvov  73  0
Project published
11 months 14 days ago