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Create a book that opens when you press the key in the Unity project

Translated19 USD

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Volodymyr Panov


The task was done in time and quality, I recommend it! I had to make a script for a virtual book.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Illia Todurkin

Task formulation

A clear task. Everything is well. I recommend it!

  1. 306    5  0
    Winning proposal1 day19 USD

    Good day . I can perform.
    Доброго дня. Можу виконати.

  2. 302    2  0
    1 day19 USD

    Good day . I have experience in Unity. Ready to discuss details
    Доброго дня. Маю досвід розробки в Unity. Готовий обговорити деталі

  3. 427    2  0
    3 days22 USD

    Hello, ready to help, I know how to work with assets and similar tasks. The price and deadlines are agreed separately.
    Здраствуйте готов помочь , умею работать с ассетами и подобными задачами . За цену и сроки договариваемся отдельно

  4. 300    2  0
    2 days24 USD

    Welcome to! I have had experience with Asset books. So with the ease I would help you inherit your thought into the game. Let’s talk about it all)
    Вітаю! Вже мав досвід з ассет-книгами. Та з легкістю допоміг би вам втілити вашу задумку в гру. Пишіть тай все обговоримо)

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Illia Todurkin
Ukraine Lvov  1  0
Project published
1 year ago