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This is a game in the style of "Roguelite" with the open world and RPG elements.

The open world, full of adventures, monsters and subterranean.
- A variety of choice of different weapons, from swords to the ability to use magic.
The possibility of raising the character.
Your actions will also lead to a ball, whether you win a legendary monster or get an elite weapon.
- A variety of useful things, from poisonous salts to regeneration means. The possibility to spend balls on improving the character before meeting with the boss.
- However, there are subjects: skills are accumulated randomly, so you don't know what you're getting (this can be both positive and negative effects on your health).
Be cautious. Battles with the bosses that will force you to escape the arena.
Work details
Budget 3000 USD
Added 2 December 2023
Konstantin K.
Ukraine Khmelnitskyi  1  0

Temporarily not working Temporarily not working
1 Safe completed
On service 4 years