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Konstantin K.

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Ukraine Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine
20 days 23 hours ago
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Gaming applications
Gaming applications

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👋 Hello! I'm a Unity 3D developer with 4 years of experience, having created over 15 games for various platforms, including Android (Google Play), WebGL (websites), and PC (Steam and others). If you're looking for fast and high-quality game development, you've come to the right place!

🧾 My experience spans across different game genres:

- Puzzles
- Casual games
- Rogue-like games
- Platformers
- Simple client-server applications in Unity
- Arcades

⭐️ I'm ready to assist you with:

- Developing engaging and creative games.
- Integrating various SDKs (PlayFab, LootLocker, and more).
- Creating simple client-server applications to enhance the multiplayer experience.
- Optimizing and adapting games for different platforms.

❤️ Let's turn your ideas into reality!




  • 3000 USD

    Prisoner of the Tower

    Gaming applications
    This is a game in the style of "Roguelite" with the open world and RPG elements.

    The open world, full of adventures, monsters and subterranean.
    - A variety of choice of different weapons, from swords to the ability to use magic.
    The possibility of raising the character.
    Your actions will also lead to a ball, whether you win a legendary monster or get an elite weapon.
    - A variety of useful things, from poisonous salts to regeneration means. The possibility to spend balls on improving the character before meeting with the boss.
    - However, there are subjects: skills are accumulated randomly, so you don't know what you're getting (this can be both positive and negative effects on your health).
    Be cautious. Battles with the bosses that will force you to escape the arena.
  • 300 USD

    Wibzel - 3D Puzzle Game Unity

    Gaming applications
    In the 3D Puzzle game, the player needs to build the correct route
    from point A to point B. The player can break and build the road,
    turn it to make the hero go the right way. The game contains a
    set of different road elements, each of which can be turned to
    a certain angle and has a limit on the maximum angle of rotation.
    In the game, you can expect a variety of challenging levels
    with interesting tasks and challenges.
  • 1400 USD

    Screaming Noppy

    Gaming applications
    "Screaming Noppy" is a 2D platformer that operates using voice recognition, featuring an in-game store with hats that unlock as the player progresses through levels. In the mobile version of the game, hats are obtained either through in-app purchases (IAP), by completing levels, or by watching advertisements.
  • 100 USD

    2D Casual Puzzle For Unity

    Gaming applications
    "2D Casual Puzzle For Unity" is a ready-made casual puzzle for Unity, designed as an asset. After purchasing this asset, the person who bought it can easily edit it without needing to access the game's code. However, if they need to change the game mechanics or add something, all the code has been thoroughly documented, including screenshots of what to do.
  • 200 USD

    Be a pirate

    Gaming applications
    "Be a Pirate" is a 2D platformer with a time limit. You have a certain amount of time to collect all the coins and reach the exit door. There is also a star system; to complete the level with all 3/3 stars, you need to defeat all the characters on the level.
  • 300 USD

    StreetBoy - Google Play

    Gaming applications
    StreetBoy is an action-packed game set in a cartoonish America. Run through the streets, battle monsters, and conquer bosses. Upgrade weapons, buy shurikens, score in basketball, and utilize various power-ups for an exciting gaming experience.
  • 400 USD

    CapyEnglish - Grammar Test - Apps on Google Play

    Gaming applications
    CapyEnglish is a mobile application that helps users improve their knowledge of the English language, particularly in testing their understanding of tenses. The app offers a wide selection of tests on various topics that will help you enhance your English language skills.
  • 100 USD


    Gaming applications
    Buyhads -2D puzzle platformer in which you have to fight robots to find the codes you need to complete.
  • 200 USD


    Gaming applications
    "Hoples" is a tough 2D platformer with tight time limits. Reach the cup atop each level in 40 seconds while dodging tricky traps. Features 24 challenging levels, fruit collection, and an enjoyable soundtrack.
  • 5 USD

    Groppi - Hardest Game

    Gaming applications
    Groppi - Hardest Game
    Platform: Android
    This is a casual game that involves simply tapping to make the character move faster and thus avoid traps. The main goal is to reach the finish line and complete all 40 levels, but if you die on one of the levels, you will have to start over.
    The game features a skin shop, and you can obtain skins by completing levels. There is also a timer that measures how quickly you complete the game.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1

5 December 2023 13 USD
Recalling notes from Google Play


Constantine quickly with the problem. It was resolved on the same day and the add-on was renewed in Google. I clarified everything and put it on the roofs. I will continue to work with him.


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