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Danyil H.

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
10 months 26 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 1 year


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  • My Summer Plane

    Gaming applications
    Become the highest skilled pilot. Build the most powerful aircraft, and conquer the sky with it!
  • The Space Sweepers

    Gaming applications
    Become a pilot of the Space Sweeper, protect the galaxy from enemies!
    Space shutter based on NFT with castomization functions.
  • X-War

    Gaming applications
    X-War is a shooter that is integrated with blockchain transactions and linked to NFT. Each stage of the development of the game was implemented by our studio.
  • The Neon! It

    Gaming applications
    The Neon! It is a game that will make you stay in it for a long time, passing levels and regulating beautiful neon colors. Many levels with different shapes and objects - just Neon! and it.
  • ShaggyHads

    Gaming applications
    Participate in the battle on the big arena together with other Shaggy players, bosses and monsters. Win them and earn currency along with a variety of introspective items. The ability to sell or upgrade your Shaggy to get additional modes.
  • The Brain Bricks

    Gaming applications
    Brain Bricks is an exciting puzzle for everyone. It will be an interesting excursion for you, it will help shorten the time and contribute to the development of useful life skills. After all, the Brain Bricks headset was created by the master of logical games. And that means that the headache is complicated but very exciting.

    Think, analyze and create. Develop creative skills, observability and non-standard thinking. You are not limited in time to pass every level. You can play as much as you want.
  • Land of Ghost

    Gaming applications
    A story-oriented rpg game with the ability to enhance the skills of the main characters, an exciting battle system, craftsmanship, dialogue system and many others.


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987 USD
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99 999 USD
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494 USD
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200 USD
Unity for the iOS app.
27 USD
Web Game in the 'Durak' Card on Cryptocurrency
197 USD
Development of Android Games
20 USD
Playing Platform
59 USD
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30 USD