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Vasil Muzika

Ukraine Ilintsy, Ukraine
1 month 15 days ago
A little busy a little busy
4 years ago
2 Clients
age 39 years
registered for 7 years
  • middle php developer


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Website development 2



  • 166 USD

    Online shop of okki

    Another 1 site on OpenCart 3 (twig)
    Developed from zero (under key)
  • 41 USD

    HTML 5 Leading corporativ.in.ua

    HTML Leading in forms of feedback ( mail php + viber )
  • 69 USD

    Another website on Wordpress

    Web programming
    The Customer’s Model (PSD) Implementation of functionalities on global change in service prices
  • 97 USD

    CMS - c on speed

    Web programming
    Its CMS system on PHP ( emphasis was on the fastest response, the primitive code "without smart braking patterns" but with the application of MVC )
  • 110 USD

    The Internet Store

    The Internet Store — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category PHP
    template + ready online store on opencart 3
    Adaptive Modern Wire (Bootstrap 3)
    The icon is fontawesome 4.7

    Treated all children's diseases opencart 3 (chpu, chicken pieces, multiazycity, localization, pagination, canonicly, API lickpiece "lebeudino lago", copying goods, etc.... )Optimized database (named index in some database tables) that at times accelerates the site.3 languages (Ukr, ru, en) are installed - all installed modules are translated.The template is confined and relevant for the further seo scrolls under the organic, emphasis on the country ( the rest by seo texts )
    Unique design (not compacted, not mixed with 5 donors, not stuck to the hole).All the necessary modules are installed:

    by 0.Installed SEO_PRO module
    1 .The simplified basket
    The 2ndPurchase in 1 click
    3 .Signature for mailing
    and 4.Module of back call (from API integration of the phone "Zadarma" )
    and 5.The button in category - to upload x* goods.6 .Possibility of adding up to 4 contact phones from the administrator in the site hat
    7 .All phone numbers and emails are clickable automatically.
    8thAdded script transliteration of the urlov chop at the name of category, goods, articles
    The 9.Realised button detail for the hidden part of the SEO text (only from a person, search systems this text is beautifully visible) Function is available in all the visual editor of the admin
    The 10.The menu (basic and in categories) has no limit on the output of the included categories
    11 of 11.On the same site (only for the registered administrator) there is the possibility of rapid transition to the editing of current categories, goods, articles
    12 .Flexible setting of the color scheme of the entire site.I provide support for installation/instelling on hosting and further support over the course of the year.(Demo version here http://akatzuki.main-home.pp.ua )
  • Features / Features

    Many customers ask not to place their sites in their portfolio.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 2


I went to Vassilia for the Internet shop. Give TZ for the right on the site. A great specialist. Recommended

29 March 2019 6 USD
3 Actions on OpenCart


Everything was done in time and according to the TZ, when the new editor was installed, it was clear that it would go to the decision more time, but Vasily didn’t even discuss it and performed the work, I recommend.


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