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Dmitro Karpenko

Offer Dmitro to work on your next project.

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
1 day 14 hours ago
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age 32 years
registered for 8 years


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Client management and CRM
Business consulting



Outsourcing & consulting


  • Implementation of KeyCRM for the company "Termopab" .

    Termopab is the leading manufacturer of beverages in Ukraine, which successfully expands its activity on the European market. The company is known for its individual approach to each customer and the high quality of the products.
  • IMP Clinic is an international medical center that offers a fast-paced

    Client management and CRM
    IMP Clinic is an international medical center that offers fast, professional and careful medical care. Having highly educated professionals from America and Europe, IMP Clinic continuously improves its skills in compliance with advanced medical standards. Their nurses are dedicated professionals who are ready to provide quality assistance at any time. The IMP Clinic provides the highest level of medical care for each patient.
  • Впровадження ZOHO CRM для компаніі "DATAbi"

    Компанія DATAbi спеціалізується на продажу освітніх програм у сфері бізнес-аналітики, EXCEL, VBA, POWER BI та SQL. Крім того, вони надають консультації та індивідуальні розробки в галузі бізнес-аналізу. Ця діяльність допомагає підприємствам стати більш ефективними та прибутковими.
  • Впровадження Pipedrive CRM для компанії «Alser».

    Компанія Alser, визнана лідером у виробництві жалюзів, штор та ролетів, є провідним гравцем у своїй галузі та має мережу салонів у великих містах України.
  • Впровадження NetHunt CRM для компанії «UNITIX».

    Client management and CRM
    Компанія UNITIX, рекламне агентство, яка спеціалізується на PPC-рекламі для Amazon, звернулася до нас із запитом на переїзд зі своєї попередньої CRM системи, AMO CRM, на більш продуктивну та гнучку платформу - Zoho CRM. Наша мета була не лише перенести їхні бази даних, але й оптимізувати процеси, покращити комунікацію та розширити можливості їхньої CRM системи.
  • Впровадження NetHunt CRM для компанії «Yabló».

    Client management and CRM
    Компанія Yabló - це крафтовий виробник натуральних сидрів із соку прямого віджиму, яка володіє власним виробництвом і реалізує свою продукцію через заклади з продажу, а також безпосередньо кінцевим користувачам.
  • Implementation of NetHunt CRM for DAH.

    The Dach Company is a platform for selection of psychologists and experts with psychological support. One of their main services is the free crisis consultation, which is conducted by the psychotherapists of Dach.
  • Implementation of Zoho CRM for Valiant Guitars

    The company “Valiant Guitars” specializes in the creation and sale of individual-made electric guitar. They work both with end users and with retail and wholesale partners in the music tools sector.
  • Implementation of CRM Remonline for Carpet Service.

    The Carpet Service company specializes in carpet cleaning and carpet cover services and offers outgoing services for the comfort of customers. It has the most modern chemical cleaning facilities for roofs and roof covers in the city of Kiev.
  • Implementation of ZOHO CRM for the company "Mars Capital".

    The investment company "Mars Capital" has addressed us with a request for the selection and implementation of CRM. The company "Mars Capital" has developed a new innovative investment system, the financial model of which provides the possibility of efficient capital increase through investment in construction projects. The concept of the company allows you to start investing from a small capital, at the level of several hundred dollars.
  • Transfer from AMOCRM to ZohoCRM for a consulting company.

    We have a client, the company "Live Business". It is a consulting company that is engaged in learning and development, carries out corporate training, also specializes in master classes and coaching.
  • Transfer from AmoCRM to ZohoCRM for the Solver Legal Company

    Solver is a dynamically developing company that specializes in providing legal advice on Amazon issues.
  • Migration from AmoCRM and MyStore to KeyCRM for Vacuum.

    The main objective of the project is migration from AmoCRM and MyStore to KeyCRM. Previously, Vacuum used AmoCRM to manage sales and MyStore to account for goods in the warehouse. Our migration offer is KeyCRM, which combines the functionality of both previous services, helping Vacuum maintain and improve sales and complex accounting management in a single integrated platform.
  • A successful example of switching to a CRM with a phone connection

    Our customer company "SCHULZ" - manufacturer of beer equipment, is a leader in the field of its activity. To this day, SCHULZ’s mini brownies and pipe plants have already made more than 120 customers worldwide successful: CIS, Europe, Asia.
  • Implementation of CRM-systems for Covorking Management

    Smartworking "US" at Shulawskaya opened at the end of 2015. This is the first in Ukraine co-working, which offers freelancers and entrepreneurs the services of accounting and legal consulting.


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Consultation on implementing CRM system
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