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Rovshan Bayramov

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Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
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    Social media advertising
    Lead generation and sales
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    Social media advertising

    Language Proficiency Level

    Azərbaycanca Azərbaycanca: fluent
    Українська Українська: advanced
    Русский Русский: advanced
    Türkçe Türkçe: upper-intermediate




    • 400 USD

      Case: Metal Lift Technologies

      Lead generation and sales
      Обзор Кампании
      Цель Кампании: Лидогенерация для предприятия, специализирующегося на продаже современной технологии по литью металла. Основная аудитория - производители, стартапы и владельцы бизнеса.
      Канал Рекламы: Facebook Lead Ads (Лидформа на Facebook).
      Разработка Креативов и Офферов: Осуществлялась мною.

      Бюджет и Результаты
      Общий Бюджет: $775.
      Количество Лидов: 654 целевых лида.
      Средняя Стоимость Лида: $1.19 за лид.

      Анализ Эффективности
      Эффективность Бюджета:
      Средняя стоимость лида в $1.19 свидетельствует о высокой эффективности бюджета, учитывая специфику и стоимость предлагаемого продукта (технология по литью металла).

      Качество и Количество Лидов:
      Получение 654 целевых лидов говорит о значительном интересе со стороны производителей, стартапов и владельцев бизнеса к предложенной технологии.
      Высокое количество лидов при относительно невысоком бюджете указывает на успешное привлечение заинтересованных клиентов.

      Эффективность Креативов и Офферов:
      Использование эффективных креативов и офферов, подготовленных лично мною, способствовало достижению впечатляющих результатов по лидогенерации.
    • 400 USD

      Internet - shop "Poltovskaya Chicken"

      Customer: Internet store, specializing in the production and delivery of bird meat from a private farm (chicken, butter, etc.))Target: Attracting new customers and increasing sales through targeted advertising on the Internet.Period: 1.5 monthsBudget and Results

      Advertising budget: $1400.Total number of sales: 304.The cost of attracting a single client (CPA): $4.6.Strategy and Execution

      1 .The target audience is determined on the basis of interests in healthy food, organic foods and fresh bird meat.The 2ndChannels Distribution: Use of social networks and search engines for targeted advertising.3 .Creative Advertisements: Development of attractive and informative advertising materials, emphasizing the quality and naturality of the products from a private farm.Analysis and Conclusions

      Efficiency of the budget: With the overall budget of $1400 and $304 sales, the campaign showed high efficiency, taking into account the low cost of attracting the client.The 2ndCPA rating: The average customer attraction value was $4.6, which is an indicator of successful optimization of the advertising budget to the maximum yield.3 .Scalability: Given the success of the campaign, there is the potential to scal the advertising efforts in order to further increase sales and expand the customer base.
    • 300 USD

      Website for the sale of cosmetics

      Lead generation and sales
      The goal:
      Increased sales of premium cosmetics through targeted advertising with a conversion orientation on the site.

      The budget:
      of $674.

      Strategy and Implementation:
      To the goal was developed and launched a advertising campaign, aimed at attracting the target audience interested in the acquisition of premium cosmetics. The main emphasis was made on the unique advantages of the product, high quality and exclusive offers for buyers.

      The Results:

      The total cost of the advertising campaign is $674.
      Total number of orders: 41.
      The average check is $90.
      Total revenue: $3,690
      Net Profit (without taking into account the cost of the goods and other expenses, except for advertising): $3.016.
      The conclusion:
      The advertising campaign demonstrates high efficiency, taking into account the ratio of invested funds to the gain. Applied strategies and tactics allowed to successfully the goal, attracting the target audience to the site and stimulating it to purchase.
    • 350 USD

      Dentistry, Kazakhstan

      Lead generation and sales
      The Task:
      Increase the recognizability of the dental clinic "Rituals of Beauty" in Kazakhstan and attracting potential patients through targeted advertising on social networks.

      The budget:
      of $465

      The solution:
      To the goal, a comprehensive advertising campaign was developed using target targeting, focusing on a group of people interested in dental services. With the use of attractive advertising materials and clearly formulated proposed, the campaign was aimed at maximizing the attention of potential customers and stimulating them to action.

      The result:
      With a budget of $465 the campaign attracted 141 applications from potential customers. This confirms the high profitability of advertising investments, the successful achievement of the set goal and the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.
    • 350 USD

      The Masarrat Boutique Women's Clothing Shop

      Lead generation and sales
      The Instagram store sells women’s clothes.
      The type of business is dropshipping. The country is Azerbaijan, Baku.

      Target: at the initial stage on the page was very low activity, and there was practically no sales, approximately 6k subscribers, a large part of whom bots and rotating.
      Therefore, at this stage the goal was to attract quality traffic to the page. To do this, they decided to launch a promotion to Instagram through a button with the aim of traffic at $3-5 a day and parallelly worked on the content. After receiving the first results, they launched a broader advertising campaign through ads manager fb to the group announced with a budget of $350 a month for the purpose of conversion.

      Result at the moment: more than 23k subscribers on the page, good activity and recognizability on the page.

    Reviews and compliments on completed projects 3

    19 February 80 USD
    Set up targeted advertising


    Everything was done greatly.

    15 February 160 USD
    Set up targeted advertising


    The work was done greatly.

    22 January 52 USD
    Test period to set targeted advertising


    The work was done in time, the executor is always in contact, comfortable communication.


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