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Aleksey Chernyavsky

Offer Aleksey to work on your next project.

Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
13 days 20 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 1 year
  • c# .net developer


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Gaming applications


Design & art

Mobile development


  • 25 USD

    Race Track

    Gaming applications
    2D racing game for two cars on time in Unity with C#. The game model is shown. The main camera has an ortographic projection. The speed of the car depends on the road. At first the player will drive a red car. Once the game starts, the timer for the red car
    will launch. The player needs to collect all the red bottles.
  • 15 USD


    Description of the project
    This project includes the game “Basketball”. Write the script of the movement, the match timer and the spinning of the teams. Also, with the help of scripts, a percentage of intrusions from different distances was created. For example, the closer and longer you hold the sword, the more chances are to get into the ring and vice versa. Gravics is based on vocals, which allows you to easily add and change objects in the project. Joystick control is added to the phone, there is also control on the PC for testing.
  • 10 USD

    by ClickerClap

    Gaming applications
    Usual cliquer with simple graphics


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