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Oleksandra K.

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Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Email marketing
Social media marketing

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Design & art



Outsourcing & consulting



  • 500 USD

    Strategy for the promotion of a personal brand of women’s clothing

    Email marketing
    Analysis of target audience, segmentation
    Analysis of competitors
    Advertising of competitors
    Audit of plays
    Development of a personal brand promotion strategy for 1-3 months
  • 500 USD

    Targeted Advertising: Nisha Tourism

    Social media advertising
    Created a advertising campaign for 3 groups of advertisements, target "Traffic", niche-tours under key
  • 200 USD

    Advertising for the Tarologist

    Social media marketing
    Advertising tools setting+ Create a advertising campaign for 2 groups of ads for 2 ads in each for a taronomerologist. Purpose: traffic
    It was 3 hours since the start of the test, the results were even better - 0.005 per click by force
    Advertising Analysis and Optimization
  • 30 USD

    Audit Profile for Tarologist

    Social media marketing
    She developed an audit of the Instagram profile for a taronumerologist, proposed changes.
  • 80 USD

    Content plan for the sale of property in France

    Creating content plan and writing posts for a month real estate sales manager in France
  • 150 USD

    A Successful Development Strategy for Medical Center

    Social media advertising
    Developed a strategy of promotion for the medical center DOCART M.Harkova
    The ANB Program
  • 25 USD


    Content management
    The post of a new company for transport and delivery of personal goods from Ukraine to Europe was written. Assistance to immigrants.
  • 800 USD


    Social media advertising
    Creation of a rally campaign -generation of lead forms for 2 groups of ads for 2 ads in each and the creation of lead forms, with the next scale of the campaign. Managing, testing, scaling, including administration and response to messages, comments
  • 297 USD


    Social media marketing
    A advertising campaign is created with the aim of traffic on 2 groups of ads for 3 ads in each group for the Ukrainian designer-styleist with further conducting, testing and scaling. The exact results are 4-6 hours of testing, the results are excellent. Managing, testing, scaling, including administration and response to messages, comments
  • 400 USD


    Social media marketing
    Creation, testing of advertising campaigns.
  • 37 USD

    Strategy for advancing the account of the hypnotherapist

    Social media marketing
    Development of a promotion strategy for a private hypnotherapist
  • 247 USD

    Leadership and Promotion, Targeting Playsment

    Social media marketing
    Creation from zero page, taking a photo session during work in a dental clinic, processing photos, creation of creatives, content plan for the month, setting advertising instruments, conducting plays according to the algorithm
  • 247 USD

    Leadership and Promotion, Targeting Playsment

    Social media marketing
    Audit of the profile, reformulation of the profile, a photo session of the dentistry clinic, clothes, logotype replaced, actual clothes, content plan for a month, a network developed, publications are placed over a day, stores are displayed daily from 3-5 pieces. Complete accompaniment, setting advertising tools. The Targeting.
  • 37 USD

    Photo session for the restaurant

    Photo processing
    Photo session, photo processing for the restaurant
  • 25 USD

    Posts for a new restaurant

    There are several variations of posts for the restaurant, which only opened in the construction style.

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I was satisfied with the consultation! Alexandra conducted a detailed audit of the profile, advised the advertising budget and how to better prepare for the advertising company. And gave a lot of additional information absolutely free! I will address in the future.


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