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Article writer

1900 UAH

  1. 297    1  0
    1 day2000 UAH

    Good day! As I understand, this should be a description of the product. Ready to cooperate. This is a current topic and I'm ready to describe it. I have the experience of English copywrite (in my portfolio) and IELTS certificate confirming my knowledge of English.

  2. 265  
    5 days1900 UAH

    I am a writer-screenwriter. I can write quality and professional articles on your topics. It is not so difficult for me to do it. I have 22,000 ratings per author, and I have already several books written. I will be happy to work with you.
    Я писатель-сценарист. Могу написать качественно и профессионально статьи на ваши темы. Мне не так сложно это сделать. Имею 22000 рейтинга на автор тудей, имею уже несколько написанных книг. Буду рад с вами поработать

  3. 351  
    3 days1900 UAH

    Good day !
    We are pleased to help you.
    The price is oriented from 200 UAH for 1000 UAH.
    Please specify the mail where I can send our brief.
    I will then be able to note the final price and deadlines.
    Добрий день!
    Із радістю Вам допоможемо.
    Вартість орієнтовно від 200 грн за 1000 збп.
    Уточніть будь ласка мейл куди можу надіслати наш бриф,
    потім зможу озвучити остаточну вартість та терміни.

  4. 199    1  0
    1 day1900 UAH

    Good afternoon, I was interested in your job. I’m ready to work, I’m going to do everything quickly and well.
    Добрий день, зацікавило ваше завдання. Готовий приступити до роботи, все зроблю швидко та якісно.

  5. 1652    92  3
    3 days2000 UAH

    Hi there. Seems like an easy task, but lemme be honest with you, my English is lower than a c1, and from time to time I create some mistakes.
    On the other hand, I offer you one test text. You give a task. I complete it. And... if you'll be satisfied with the result, we continue our cooperation by the safe deal. If not, you still have an ocean of opportunities to find another author.

    With best regards, the worst writer... worldwide!

  6. 858    42  0
    5 days1900 UAH

    Hi, I'm glad to help you.
    I have a lot of experience and I know the principles of SEO.
    My articles is in the first page in Google.
    Write me!

  • Anna V.
    27 September, 17:36 |
    Hello. What writing language do you need?