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Audit of the self-writing infosystem


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     122  0

    1 day54 USD

    Welcome to.
    I want to present my candidacy.
    I have great experience working with small and large projects.
    8 years of work as a SEO specialist in various companies.
    I am working alone now.
    Хочу запропонувати свою кандидатуру.
    Маю величезний досвід роботи з малими та великими проектами.
    8-річний стаж роботи seo-фахівцем у різних компаніях.
    Зараз працюю сам.

  2. 212  
    14 days650 USD

    I am professional, I make reports, I give recommendations.

    Most of your requests are related to the server architecture and may be resolved by setting (or changing) it.

    This volume of work cannot be performed qualityly faster than 10 days.
    Профессионально проверю, составлю отчёты, дам рекомендации

    Большая часть ваших запросов касается архитектуры сервера и возможно решается его настройкой (или сменой)

    Указанный объем работ не может быть выполнен качественно быстрее 10 дней

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    15 days22 USD

    Hello to you.
    Examples of work by link - Freelancehunt
    The portfolio indicates the hours and the dynamics of the projects
    1 . Audit of the site and niche - from 5000-9000 UAH (example in the LS and discussion with you)
    2nd Project management - from 6000 UAH per month (from 10 hours) + budget (from 25000 UAH per month). Copywriting and links.
    Примеры работ по ссылке - Freelancehunt
    В портфолио указаны часы и динамика по проектам
    1. Аудит сайта и ниши - от 5000-9000 грн (пример в ЛС и обсуждение с вами)
    2. Ведение проекта - от 6000 грн в мес (от 10 часов) + бюджет (от 25000 грн в мес. Копирайтинг, ссылки).

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    1 day120 USD

    What is written on?
    • • • • • •
    На чем написано?

  5. 7 more hidden bids
  • Yauheni M.
    29 November 2023, 23:02 |


    Нужны технические данные по сайту:

    CMF если используется.

    Язык программирования на сервере (плагины)

    База данных.

    Front-end часть.

Current freelance projects in the category Web programming

Page of comparison of opencart


Page of comparison of opencart Reference of Comfy Design is irrelevant. It can be collected on a default topic. What is important to pay attention to: Slider and categories switch. Idelano will form all directions in ocmod. Examples with examples (just the pages of the cast…

Web programming

Web application front in Duolingo style


Technical task Application task: English exercises (gap fill exercises) for students (children learning English).The main scenario The student opens a link to an exercise (e.g. webapp.net/app?id=1234) received from the teacher (e.g. in a telegram or WA) The application receives…

JavaScriptWeb programming

Webflow is a small output of the existing site.

21 USD

You need to add 2 pages for new sections to a web site made on the Webflow platform so that they are harmoniously combined with the site design.

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Back-end with knowledge of Node JS

1003 USD

Welcome to We are looking for a backend-developer with the knowledge of Node JS, Firebase. Each order (approximately 3 weeks), we are potentially considering a full-time hire. Great if there was experience in creating chat support on the site. Also React knowledge, for the…

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Writing an API service for digital signature


The service must work with the keys of the ZZ2 format. Sign lines and files, decrypt, and deliver information from the signature. All used libraries must be free for commercial development. The service will be deployed to Linux. The choice of language is free.

Web programming ∙ 2 proposals

Vladislav Ka UXG
Estonia Tallin  131  0
Project published
3 months 3 days ago