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Automation of goods for goods


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    7 days138 USD

    The experience of such developments is
    Examples in Portfolio
    досвід таких розробок є
    приклади в портфоліо

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    4 days38 USD

    Good Morning Yura. Well, it’s good with this now. I’ve already made a script to create and update data through their admin. Ready to make a script for you to automatically add and update the goods to the store on Goodship.
    Добрий день Юра. Так на Хорошоп зараз з цим скрутно. Вже робив скрипт для створення та оновлення даних через їхню адмінку. Готовий зробити для вас скрипт для автоматичного додавання та оновлення товарів в магазин на Хорошоп.

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Collect information about potential clients from the internet into a Google spreadsheet.

40 USD

Hello! Our startup needs help with Business Development. The startup is developing chatbots to assist with studying materials for educational companies. For now, we need to gather and organize information about potential clients (~100 rows) from the internet into a spreadsheet.…

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Fixing an error in the operation of the Telegram bot

When working on the bot, there is an error that needs to be fixed. Error checking new tokens: A request to the Telegram API was unsuccessful. Error code: 400. Description: Bad Request: chat not found Previously, the bot worked without errors. Parser on Python + Selenium +…

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Train to do Telegram mailing correctly

153 USD

Make detailed high-quality training, show how to do Telegram mailing through personal messages, suggest programs through which you can parse and send mailings, where to get accounts to spam from, and how to correctly use proxies to work with accounts.

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Integration of an online store with a CPA platform

13 USD

There is a one-time job to integrate an online store with an CPA platform To transfer orders and certain information from them I will send details in private messages with code, etc.

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Programmer for CMS Prestashop 1.6

204 USD

Hello, there are several tasks that need to be done. And to stay on support, there are plenty of other tasks on the site. Analysis of supplier categories We have a custom module that analyzes sales by suppliers/tags. I want each supplier to have a dropdown list of categories…

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Yura K.
Ukraine Zhitomir  17  0
Project published
6 months 18 days ago