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Matlab, image recognition using neural networks.

Translated30 USD

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    2 days30 USD

    Good day! Please send me the lab works so I can review them.
    Доброго дня! Надішліть, будь ласка, лабораторні роботи, щоб я зміг ознайомитися.

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Current freelance projects in the category Machine learning

Set up customer query processing using AI

198 USD

We want to integrate a chatbot on the travel agency website with the ability to provide consultations using AI. Travelers should leave questions, AI should process requests based on the information on the website.

Machine learningBot development ∙ 9 proposals

Predict the schedule for 10 minutes

There is a history of order volume, buying/selling, for 2 months+. Need to create a model that, after learning, will predict the volume/chart for the next 10 minutes with an accuracy of 75%+. Who can achieve what level of accuracy, please suggest

Machine learning ∙ 1 proposal

Deepfake specialist

In search of a deepfake specialist Project on creating a deepfake mask details in correspondence Budget will be discussed individually.

Machine learning ∙ 3 proposals

Development of bots

Greetings. Software for automating processes (bots) for the website is required. More details in private messages, as I see there are people here who like to ban projects.

Machine learningBot development ∙ 18 proposals

Computer vision. Video processing

Technical requirements: Programming language: C++ or Python using QT for GUI. Video processing tools: OpenCV for video analysis and processing. Compatibility: The program should support Windows or Linux. Program development: Interface design: Creating a simple and intuitive…

PythonMachine learning ∙ 3 proposals

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20 days 16 hours ago