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Small improvements on the site

Translated16 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Pavel Ivaneko


Great, and most importantly quick execution. I recommend cooperation!

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Maks Silka

Task formulation

Excellent customer, T3 is clearly written, I recommend cooperation!

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    1 day29 USD

    Which website?
    • • • • • •
    На чём сайт?

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    Winning proposal1 day16 USD

    ✅Good day to call me Paul.
    Experience in work 6 years,
    There is a profile on the apple.
    I was very interested in your project.✅✅✅For detailed discussion of all the nuances, contact me.
    The deadline is with the stock.✅I will do everything in time and according to your expectations.✅Working at WayPoint (SEO junior)
    Working at Transparen (Canada)
    ReactJs developer
    ReactNative (IOS) developer
    The same sites under key (DLE, WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix24)✅✅✅✅✅✅
    ✅ Добрий день мене звати Павло,
    ✅ Досвід роботи 6 років,
    ✅ Є профіль на апворке,
    ✅ Дуже зацікавив ваш проект. для докладного обговорення всіх нюансів, зв'яжіться зі мною
    ✅ Термін беру з запасом.
    ✅ Виконаю все в строк і за вашими уподобаннями.
    ✅ Працював в WayPoint (SEO junior)
    ✅ Працював в компанії Transparen (Canada)
    ✅ https://transparen.com/
    ✅ ReactJs developer
    ✅ ReactNative (IOS) developer
    ✅ Так само сайти під ключ (DLE, WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix24)

Current freelance projects in the category PHP

Full Stack Laravel Developer

10 000 USD

A programmer is needed for remote work. Full employment (40 hours a week) PHP and Laravel by Vue.js The MySQL by AWS by Docker Salary according to agreement. Experience in work: 5+ years

PHPWeb programming ∙ 7 proposals

Telegram Store with Web Administrator Works


It is necessary to improve and make no meaningful functions in the telegram store with the web administer more work with the web private PHP /all additional data in the web. / in theft /// 7 bad tasks 1) (notes of internal operators what they could register 2) Translate 5 -7…

PHPBot development ∙ 2 proposals

Transfer a site from Tildy to WordPress and/or process the basket.

22 USD

Welcome, project in 2 stages, site delivery.1 .Transfer the site from Tildy to Wordpress.The 2ndWorking with the basket: Choose delivery only by index or link to Google Maps, i.e. there are 3 zones (radius) and each has its own price.It is impossible to choose beyond these…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 2 proposals

WooCommerce store, calculating the variable product using the formula.


There is a product that can have a lot of options: width from 10cm to 150cm thickness from 7 to 150mm length from 10cm to 280cm There are more than 10 million options. Is it possible to calculate this product using the formula? That is not the fruit of so many variable goods.

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals

Screenshots for Goods

13 USD

HTTPS://shean.com.ua You need to do what if you add any three flavours with a volume of 100ml, you added a discount of 300gn (2100-300=1800). Also for 50ml 3 any goods add a discount of 200gn(1200-200=1000gn) If you can do this, let’s discuss the budget and deadlines.…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 4 proposals

Maks Silka
Ukraine Kyiv  3  0
Project published
2 months 18 days ago