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Настройка 1С - склад

49 USD

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    3 days86 USD

    Добрый день.

    Сделаем. Стоимость приблизительная.
    Есть собственные готовые решения: https://msys.com.ua/opencart.html

    Звоните - ответим на все вопросы, посоветуем варианты.
    Опыт работы 17 лет.
    Сертификаты 1С.
    PS: Всем своим клиентам дарим модуль загрузки курсов валют с интернета.

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    1 day49 USD

    Добрый день! Стоимость часа 650грн, так как ТЗ плавающее, мы не можем четко оценить интеграцию. Пишите в ЛС, будем рады помочь!

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Google Sheets

A table is needed to input the income and expenses of various counterparties and calculate the balance

1CApplication programming ∙ 11 proposals

Setting up integration of 1C UTP with WooCommerce

62 USD

It is necessary to set up integration between 1C and a WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin and 1C:Enterprise. Please provide your suggestions.

1C ∙ 1 proposal

Set up an OLAP cube in Excel from 1C

There is already a consolidated table built in Excel that takes its data from 1C. These data are not read directly, but are separately loaded into a specific database according to the schedule. And from where Excel reads the data and processes it in the consolidated table.…

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I am looking for where to download the 1C module from NeoSeo for OpenCart 2.3 PHP 7.2

Hello everyone. I kindly ask for help from anyone who has downloaded the Neo Seo module for 1C on OpenCart 2.3 I have paid for the license, received the key, but when you try to download it, it gives an error. They say they no longer work as a company and the technical support…

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Work on WordPress

550 USD

Integrate online payment and add a paid library. The site kaea.kg is written in word press through a builder. It is planned to launch an online library of paid information base and to access it, you need to integrate online payment there as a monthly subscription or access to…

1CPHP ∙ 12 proposals

Dmitro Shabanov
Ukraine Kyiv  30  0
Project published
2 years ago
2 years