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Small animation

Translated22 USD

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Client's feedback on cooperation with freelancer


Nathalie knows her job.
Responsibly accomplished the task.
I have previously agreed many points on the work.
The work is done very quickly and quality!
I will definitely call you again 🙂
I recommend the work!
Thank you for the project done)

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Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with client

Task formulation

Very pleased with the order! There are very few good and pleasant customers. Everyone will like to work with Miko.

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  1. 946    27  0
    5 days221 USD

    Good day . Ready to perform. There are a few clarificing questions:
    Is there no designers themselves?
    Which FPS video do you need? (What is the number of people in sex? If it is important)
    There is experience in Lego modeling and there are several examples of animation in the portfolio
    The cost and deadlines are approximate. Details are ready to be discussed.
    Добрый день. Готов выполнить. Есть несколько уточняющих вопросов:
    - Модельки самого конструктора нет?
    - Видео с каким FPS нужно? (какое кол-во кадров в сек. если это важно)
    Есть опыт моделирования лего и есть несколько примеров анимации в портфолио
    Стоимость и сроки указал приблизительные. Детали готов обсудить.

  2. 1553    97  0   1
    1 day18 USD

    Hello to you! I can fulfill your order.
    Examples of works
    Google Drive
    Здравствуйте! Могу выполнить Ваш заказ.
    Примеры работ
    Google Drive

  3. 143  
    3 days15 USD

    Hello, write to discuss. The price is contractual.

    Portfolio is here:

    Animation: Google Drive

    Concept of Art:
    Google Drive

    The Stickers:
    Google Drive
    Здравствуйте, напишите обсудим. Цена договорная.

    Портфолио тут:

    Анимация: Google Drive

    Google Drive

    Google Drive

  4. 1246    21  1
    1 day15 USD

    Hello to you!
    I am engaged in animation, I made 2D cartoons (examples of download to LS).
    Ready to work
    My work is Freelancehunt
    Занимаюсь анимацией, делал 2 Д мультфильмы(примеры скину в лс).
    Готов к работе
    Мои работы Freelancehunt

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