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631 USD

Current freelance projects in the category C#

OOP help with LR

20 USD

Hello, you need to do a Laboratory work on OOP. I completely do not understand this. I will give you the file, you take a look. My topic is Development of the application "Tourist Agency" using the principles of object-oriented programming.

C and C++C# ∙ 5 proposals

C# interop for C++ or C library

152 USD

It is necessary to write a test project that will call the C++ or C library https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ENr5v5WNrlH6Z3-N_GPkvJQIzP4_X2pN The project should run out of the box (i.e. all resources should be stored in the project) dotnet run In the archive, there is…

C and C++C# ∙ 2 proposals

Creating a PCL file from an image (jpg, tif, pdf)

Program for generating a PCL file for further printing on a printer. Work with file formats jpg, tiff, png, pdf, etc. is required. Minimal image editing - shifting/positioning, sizes/scale, rotation, gamma correction (saturation). Implement a WYSIWYG approach. There is already…

C#Application programming ∙ 3 proposals

Project refinement in C#

534 USD

It is necessary to refine the existing algorithm for vector graphics (written in C#, well-structured) for calculating the quantity and placement (determining coordinates) of embedded details in walls. Practical programming experience in C# is required (knowledge of libraries is…

C#Application programming ∙ 8 proposals

Development of a simple console program in C#

A program menu is needed to enter numerical data that will be automatically calculated by the program according to the formulas specified in the file. The layout of the table is also provided.

C# ∙ 12 proposals

Denys B UniLink
Ukraine Dnepr  8  0
Project published
3 years ago