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Programming 1C for outsourcing


  1. 599
     2  0

    1 day13 USD

    Products in 1C, mobile applications, different integrations, system administration. The price is for an hour of work. Possible payment for the project as a whole.
    Доробки в 1С , мобільні додатки, різні інтеграції, системне адміністрування. Ціна вказана за годину роботи. Можлива оплата за проекти в цілому.

  2. 245    2  0
    1 day16 USD

    Good day ! I have experience working with typical, self-written and specialized configurations. The price is for an hour of work. I will be happy to cooperate.
    Доброго дня! Маю досвід роботи з типовими, самописними і спеціальзованими конфігураціями. Ціна вказана за годину роботи. Буду радий співпрацювати.

  3. 260    3  0
    1 day13 USD

    Good day . Experience in programming over 10 years. The price per hour of work is 480 UAH. It is ready to take 4-5 hours a day.
    ґдоброго дня. Досвід в програмувані бульше 10 років. Ціна за годину роботи 480 грн. Готовий приділяти по 4-5 годин в день.

  4. 1502    67  1   2
    30 days18 USD

    Good day .
    If relevant, please write, I am happy to work with you.
    In 1C I did everything I could be (also the image conversion:) ).
    Доброго дня.
    Якщо актуально - пишіть, із задоволенням з Вами попрацюю.
    В 1С робив усе, що тільки може бути (навіть конвертацію зображень:) ).

  5. 2037    65  0
    1 day18 USD

    Welcome to. I have experience, time and desire to work with you. to turn.
    Вітаю. Маю досвід, час та бажання для роботи з вами. Звертайтесь.

  6. 732    7  0
    1 day16 USD

    There is experience working with different configurations, integrations with New Mail, Meest, CheckBox, various CRM, sites.
    The price is indicated for an hour of work.
    Є досвід роботи з різними конфігураціями, інтеграції з Новою Поштою, Meest, CheckBox, різними CRM, сайтами.
    Ціну вказую за годину роботи.

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There is 1s8, the goods are loaded on the promo, but the presence is not captured for a reason. In 1c8 the remains are taken from 1c7 (1c8 is specially rotated for exchange with a prom) - it can be a matter of this. You need to understand and force to work.

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Synchronization 1C with CRM Creatio by API


The necessary 1C programmer who will be able to realize together with the CRM programmer exchange of data from 1C to CRM, name, presence, item. Order from CRM - in 1C. All exchanges must be carried out on the API.

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1C-Bitrix Professional (Cloud) + 1C:Enterprise 8.3 (

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Integration between systems in parts: Transmission of transaction as a document of implementation Request of documents: payment account, charged on the residence of goods, return charged Integration with the CASPI QR for the exhibition of payment Account Synchronization of the…


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150 USD

Integrate with the SATU.KZ marketplace (public API (satu.kz) ) Order receipt Synchronization of the product catalog (work by 1C in the product description and photo section) Customer list receipt Integrate with the KASPI service Print QR code on the key (description in the…

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Project published
2 months 25 days ago