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Design of the Webflow

Translated100 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Kseniia Stelmaschuk


Xenia is a very good faithful and talented designer. She always clarified every line and was proactive in communication. I recommend cooperation!

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Michael Kumov

Task formulation

I have a very pleasant experience of collaboration with Michael!
The customer accurately formulates the task and wishes, gives a written feedback in the process of work, very gentle in communication and always on communication.👍This is very valuable and helps to the desired result.So I 100% recommend Michael as a reliable customer!

  1. 838    3  0
    7 days175 USD

    Good day

    Interested in your project, acquainted with the information you provided, but for more understanding you need to communicate one by another.

    My goal is to meet all customer needs and make a unique design for your business site.

    The difference between me and others is a complete CA analysis, a understanding of what the customer wants and a detailed elaboration of the structure and design of the site.

    My portfolio is Freelancehunt
    Behance - Behance
    My CV is https://www.figma.com/proto/BTJ7G3kVa0KvNqCpKBEXpx/CV?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=45%3A17&starting-point-node-id=45%3A17

    I look forward to your message to discuss details.
    Добрый день

    Заинтересовал ваш проект, ознакомился с информацией, которую вы предоставили, но для большего понимания надо пообщаться один на один.

    Моя цель удовлетворить все потребности заказчика и сделать уникальный дизайн для вашего бизнес-сайта.

    Отличие меня от других это полный анализ ЦА, понимание того, чего хочет заказчик и подробно проработка структуры и дизайна сайта.

    Мое портфолио - Freelancehunt
    Behance - Behance
    Моё CV - https://www.figma.com/proto/BTJ7G3kVa0KvNqCpKBEXpx/CV?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=45%3A17&starting-point-node-id=45%3A17

    Жду вашего сообщения для обсуждения деталей.

  2. 1695    18  0
    6 days175 USD

    Good Morning,
    I am officially certified Webflow Expert Partner.
    I have knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS, UX/UI design, and technical SEO.
    I will be glad to help you realize your project.
    Terms and costs are discussed individually by project - please provide a link to Figma for a detailed assessment of the work. and thank you.
    Доброго дня,
    я офіційно сертифікований Webflow Expert Partner.
    Маю знання HTML/CSS/JS, UX/UI дизайну, та технічного SEO.
    Буду радий допомогти вам реалізувати і ваш проект.
    Терміни та вартість обговорюється індивідуально по проекту - будь ласка, надайте лінк на Figma для детальної оцінки робіт. Дякую.

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Michael Kumov
United States United States  3  0
Project published
1 year ago