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Solution of the problem in the Woocommerce Woodisscount WordPress product card


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    1 day21 USD

    Good day ! I’m ready to do, I’m working with Woocommerce.
    Добрий день! Готовий виконати, постійно працюю з Woocommerce

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Current freelance projects in the category PHP

Developer for integration with NetSuite

The company Lovat, a developer of tax software, is looking for an experienced specialist to integrate with the NetSuite system to perform the following tasks: 1. Integration via Tax Rate API 2. Integration via Feed API 3. Integration via Invoice API Company website:…

PHP ∙ 2 proposals

It is necessary to fix the viber messaging module.

12 USD

https://opencartforum.com/ru/files/file/9192-viber-uvedomleniya-o-zakaze-i-smene-statusa-dlya-pokupateley-ot-cilck-uni/ Here is the module. It listens for changes in order statuses via event. But somehow, it sends requests to the server for orders it shouldn't. And it…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 1 proposal

Transfer from Wordpress to Laravel php store

Need to transfer the site from Wordpress to php (Laravel) The front end (layout + scripts) was created from scratch, so it can be mostly reused. WooCommerce was integrated. Integration with keepincrm is needed (sending orders to CRM from the cart and one-click order)…

PHP ∙ 9 proposals

Development of the Keitaro client

534 USD

A PHP developer with experience working with Keitaro is required for integration with WordPress Task description: We need an experienced PHP developer who is well-versed in working with Keitaro (framework or tracking system). Your task will be to create a custom Keitaro…

PHP ∙ 2 proposals


It is necessary to refine the functionality of the SMS module in the CRM Pipe Drive, namely: 1. Currently, it pulls the phone number by default from the contact (phone in contacts - a system field). It is also necessary to add pulling the phone number from the organization…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 1 proposal

Vladislav Ka UXG
Estonia Tallin  135  0
Project published
4 months 2 days ago