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Telegram Boot with the Web of the Administrator

Translated64 USD

  1. 265    1  0
    7 days110 USD

    Good morning, I can do this task, write and discuss details.
    Добрый день, могу выполнить данное задание, пишите обсудим детали

  2. 5287    183  0   1
    5 days128 USD

    Good day, ready to accomplish the necessary tasks on the preparation of the admin.
    Доброго дня, готовий реалізувати необхідні задачі по доробці адмінки.

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    5 days255 USD

    turn to
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Current freelance projects in the category Bot development

Write a script or bot

31 USD

I need a script or bot that will add reactions to Telegram posts when the post is released, so that it can be optimized, it should be possible to set the necessary delay, add a large number of Telegram channels and accounts

Bot development ∙ 10 proposals

Create a trading bot for the MEXC exchange

Need to create a trading bot for the MEXC exchange. The bot will work through a virtual machine. No need to integrate any strategies into the bot. The bot should only open and close trades at a specified price. The bot will trade only one pair - BTCUSDT. Management through…

PHPBot development ∙ 7 proposals

Fixing an error in the operation of the Telegram bot

When working on the bot, there is an error that needs to be fixed. Error checking new tokens: A request to the Telegram API was unsuccessful. Error code: 400. Description: Bad Request: chat not found Previously, the bot worked without errors. Parser on Python + Selenium +…

Data parsingBot development ∙ 11 proposals

Chat bot for a coffee shop

76 USD

Good day. Chat bot for practical work. All requirements and approximate sketch are presented in the PDF file.

Bot development ∙ 9 proposals

Bot for Viber channel

51 USD

A trading bot is needed for the Viber channel and subsequent integration into the channel. The bot allows you to select a group of goods, choose a specific product within the group, all selected products go into the cart, the customer sees the order by products and price, the…

Bot development ∙ 6 proposals

Vadim Kocubinskiy 2FTraff-FintachLogic
Ukraine Odessa  3  0
Project published
1 month 20 days ago