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Installation and NAST. SharePoint 2019 with Microsoft Web Offline


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    2 days98 USD

    You can discuss more in LS, I can set Sharepoint and office server
    Можно обсудить подробней в лс, могу настроить Sharepoint и office server

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Setting up a proxy on Mikrotik router

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There is a Mikrotik router, you need to set up Wi-Fi access points on it, on which you need to install an HTTP (IPv4, mobile, residential) proxy. The proxies will be in the following format: ip:port:login:password, which will be purchased from various services. So each access…

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SSL for subdomain

Need help to understand why errors occur when creating an SSL certificate for a subdomain. It worked fine for the main domain.

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Setting up a newly created organization in GOOGLE WORKSPACE for 20 accounts

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Set up email receiving with the company's domain name Transfer email archive to gmail Set up groups by departments and divisions Explain the features and capabilities, demonstrate the specifics of filling the service with information about the company and its capabilities…

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Administration of the PostgreSQL database in the Fedora operating system

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We are looking for an experienced database administrator to work with PostgreSQL in the Fedora operating system environment. The tasks will include database administration, restoring databases from backups, and integration with an application that has a web…

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Change the working schedule of the website to OpenCart.

OpenCart Version Unable to change the schedule through the admin panel. You need to change the work schedule information through hosting, where the site files are located. Important: you will need to connect via AnyDesk and perform the task on our PC.

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Mirqurbon Naimov
Tajikistan Душанбе
Project published
1 year ago